Sunday, July 18, 2010

We Arrive - Let the Fun Begin

We rolled into the great state of Alabama about noon and started coordinating with our other family members to see who would arrive when. It looked like we were all on track to arrive by the 3:00 check in time.

We had to make a quick pit stop and the boys grabbed their ball gloves to throw around a baseball for a bit.

There was a nice little lawn area that they set up a little three way throw-a-thon.

On the way back from the bathroom, I saw this sign. KEEP OFF THE GRASS people! We just got into the state and we are already breaking rules.

The coordination was unbelievable. We all arrived at the house within just a few minutes of each other. We had an unfortunate event with our GPS unit and managed to arrive last, even though we were within throwing distance of the house before two other cars. They were all holding up a L on their forehead because we were last and losers. Mean.

We opened the Suburban and stuff started falling out everywhere. We packed that baby to the gills. It was sure nice to travel in though!

The Magnificent Seven together again! Let me give you their code names for my blog:

Back row: Toby, Hasselhoff and Harold
Front Row: The Queen, Penguin, Chuck and Chip.

Here is my brother, Guke with his lovely bride, Ms. Tennessee, and their two boys Penguin and Chuck.

The fellas all raced down to the water to check out the lake.

Immediately shirts were flying off and people were flying in.

It appears that Grandpa and Mer are directing this chaos. It got a little different when Ms. Safety (that's me!) showed up on the scene. It was fun while it lasted kids, now everyone get into a life vest.

We drug out all the toys.

Big kids gave rides to little kids.

Chip was putting Hasselhoff's kayak under water.

Harold giving Penguin a thrilling ride.

My sister, who we will call "The Nice One" goes out for a spin with the Queen.

Floating with the Queen.

Grandpa and Chip hanging out in the boat.

It was docked - we didn't have the keys - but he sure looks cool sitting behind the wheel, doesn't he?

The boys race the kayaks out to the middle of the lake and just sit there and have a little pow wow. They floated out there for a long while just shooting the briefs! I think they all were happy to be together.

Little did they know what was happening outside the lake! There was another adventure of sorts with this mother and daughter team that got lost for 2 hours on their way back from getting ice at the store. The store was maybe 8 miles away and they put 42 miles on mom's car looking for the house. They also backed into a mailbox and cracked mom's tail light. Granny also had to go to the bathroom and all I can say is I am thankful it was a desolate area. It was an incident that did not include either of them taking their cell phones with them. Finally, a stranger let them borrow a cell phone and they called for help. Hubby went out to find them and showed them the way back. The ice survived, for the most part.

The kids were oblivious to the perils of the ice run.

They jumped from the top deck of the dock about 7,436,820 times each.

At first it was terrifying, but we stationed lifeguards at many points and eventually got used to the screams of joy and agony when they landed badly. Guke looks ready to save someone, doesn't he?

I took a turn in the hammock chair and it was then that I realized I might have a little seasick problem. Sitting on that top deck, swinging in that hammock made me want to barf - BADLY. So badly I couldn't drink. That is not good.

After a delicious dinner of seafood jambalaya, we headed back out for some early evening fishing.

Bob spent the majority of his time just like this. Kids had lines tangled, bait fell off, reels wouldn't work. It was exhausting.

Toby was able to manage his own line thank goodness.

We had lots of supervisors, but there was still alot of hooks flying around.

Dang, Toby hooked Bob's shirt just walking by him. It is a wonder no one got hurt.

Hasselhoff stayed in the kayak and was able to rescue several lines that were thrown in bushes, over bridges, stuck in rocks. It was a full time job.

Hey line is tangled, my reel won't wind back in, my hook is stuck under a rock, are there more worms, can I try a plastic lure. Fishing is not the relaxing, quiet activity I envisioned.

This crew seems to be enjoying it.

These baby fish didn't apparently realize how chaotic it was above water! Chip was the first one to reel in a fish.

Harold caught two brim at one time! Good work. I think every person who threw a line in the water caught a fish. Many of them caught more than one. We had about five keepers and about 15 throw 'em backs. We let them all go in the end.

After fishing, we joined these Amish gentlemen in the house for more fun and games.

This Amish guy needs a bigger hat! The smiling face under this hat is the spouse of The Nice One. He is also supremely nice, but he earned the name Mario at the lake and will therefore be called Mario!

Mario kicked off the Pictionary tournament drawing first for the Judges Team. He had to work hard to make things clear for Mer and Grandpa. It was terribly entertaining to see the communication in action.

The Queen kicked off the drawing for her team. You want to talk about funny - have a little kid try to draw "Ankle" or "Turkey". The words were pretty easy, but a child's drawing left alot to the imagination. I think the funniest part was the way they would look at the rest of their team like "Hello, how can you morons not know what this is??" They were completely exasperated with us!

Guke trying to give Chip some tips on what he could draw. Chips response - "I got it. I got it." We got a couple right, but we got lots of the "You guys must be morons" glances from Chip.

This is Bob's face while he is drawing. He is probably mouthing the word while he was drawing it. Let's just say there was a significant amount of cheating that happened each night, but it probably all evened out in the end.
The big winners on Pictionary Night were Guke, Ms. Tennessee, Penguin and Chuck. They dominated the drawing contest and then commenced to leg wrestle to determine which giant candy item they would choose as their prize. Ms. Tennessee won that one.
Day One was a blast. We were all exhausted, our faces hurt from laughing, someone may have peed their pants and it was lights out by 10:30. More fun to come.

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  1. OMG!!! This sounds like so much fun and such wonderful memories. I wish I could go. I want to be a part of your family too! Loved all the pictures.