Monday, August 2, 2010

Checking in on the Summer To Do List

Liz asked a good question this morning - "How far did you guys get on your Summer To Do List?"
Let's take a look!

Swimming √
Tennis √
Build an obstacle course
Bike Ride √
Play a Board Game √
Bowling √
Rock Wall Climbing
Basketball √
Reading √
Take Astro to the dog park
Cook/Bake something by yourself √
Math Practice √

Play in the rain √
Charge and play with remote control cars
Lemonade Stand
Make Paper Airplanes √
Go to the Library
Water Balloon Fight
Clean Up Trash in the Neighborhood
Laser Tag √
Create and illustrate a comic strip
Play Cards √
Visit other pools in our area
Go to a Theatre production
Write a letter or send a card
Throw Baseball √
Movies at the Pool
Dr. Pepper Factory Tour
Clean out the toy closet √
Movies √
Brush the dog
Children’s Museum
Fly Kites
Wash the Car √
Texas State Museum
Canoe/Kayak √
Explore Local Parks
Fishing √
Build a Fort √
Do a load of laundry by yourself
Sort through Baseball Cards √
Jigsaw Puzzle
Create/Perform a Movie or Play
Video Game Tournament
Do a Good Deed √
Okay, looks like we have about fifty things on the list and we have done 24 of them! We have three short weeks left before school starts so we better get to work marking some more things off!
Thanks for the question Liz! The first day of school is August 24th, so I will post again then to see how much fun we can cram into three more weeks!
Have a great Monday!

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