Saturday, August 28, 2010

Febreeze Fiasco

Yesterday I was at Walmart picking up a few things and came across this cute little Febreeze air freshener. They are the kind you don't have to plug in or anything, they just sit on a flat surface. I thought it would be great for our laundry room, since that is where my most favorite cat in the world poops, pees and basically destroys any fresh air in the vicinity. I got a scent that was kind of mild like Sunshine After the Rain or something.

Don't you just love the names they come up with for stuff like that?

Anyway, I got the new little deal home and opened it right away so the Sunshine After the Rain smell could get busy in the laundry room. Unfortunately, I went a step too far in the opening process and opened the dang package too far and the scented oil was everywhere!

I had oil all over my hands, my shirt, the kitchen counter, my new book....ARGH! Sunshine After the Rain is a seriously potent smell when it all comes out at once and is on every single thing you touch. I washed my hands at least 20 times. I was gagging myself trying to hold the phone up to my face. The smell was so strong on my hands!

I squeezed a lemon on them. I scrubbed them fiercely with all varieties of soaps and lotions in this house. Finally, after a significant amount of time, the smell was faint enough that I was able to stand my own hands.

Please accept this as your Consumer Alert or Public Service Announcement of the Day: Read the label. Even if it looks like it should be opened, do not open it until you have reviewed the picture on the back of the package and read all of the directions. Seriously, it will save you time, energy, soap and a full blown assault on your nasal passages!

I will never enjoy actual sunshine after a rain probably ever again.

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