Friday, August 27, 2010

First Day of School in Review

Let's start with Harold. He started High School and was all kinds of nervous as he walked out the door last Tuesday. Not only was he walking onto a big new campus, he also found out that they were holding auditions for a new play the first day of school. He thought he wanted to audition, then he didn't, then he did, then he didn't. He finally landed on DID and so after his first day, he was going to stay after school and try to find the theatre room to audition.

Gives me diarrhea just typing that paragraph.

I didn't hear from him until 6:25 p.m.!!!! Could not wait to get to school, pick him up and find out how his day was!

He gets in the car and I start in with my million questions. The first of which was, "So, how was your first day? Spill it. Tell me EVERYTHING!"

Here is a snippet of his summary. "My schedule changed. Now I have Biology on B day and I have Theatre on A Day. I got Mr. Hobby for Theatre and that class is going to be fun. It went by so fast. Lunch was cool - you can stand up at the end of a table and no one tells you that you have to sit down! The chicken line has its own register but for everything else you have to go to these two common registers and that line was really long. I got Mr. Chalk for English, he is kind of like a hippie but totally cool. Seniors don't want to kill freshman. In fact, they totally walk by like they don't even want freshman in their existence. I watch too much tv."

So basically I think he thought for sure he would end up in a trash can or locker courtesy of some lunatic senior. So glad that didn't happen.

Auditions went well, although it is Shakespeare and the characters have names like Hermia, Oberon, Hippolyta...and way too much herewith and cometh for Harold. We shall see about that. Overall the day was definitely considered a success!

Now let's move on to Chip who also had an awesome first day! He charged into school like he owned the place. And heaven knows that after nine years (including one in the womb) the kid has been up at that school more years than he has been breathing air!!

He had the same big smile on his face at the end of the day as he did at the beginning. Mr. Bradley is funny, there is a football field on the wall the he uses for rewarding classroom behavior, there are behavior tickets and prizes, he has a cool new agenda, his composition notebook is blue. Chip made a couple of new friends. He can reach a pole out at recess that he couldn't three months ago at the end of the second grade. All rainbows and sunshine!

It won't last. This first day of school glow. It will pass quickly into drudgery and that damn homework. Harold already has had a bit of homework. Already tons of paperwork to sort through, organize, sign this, return that, save this, file that....he needs a secretary. But ready or not, the school year is here.

Let's hope the good start is an indication that it is going to be a great year for Harold and Chip!

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