Monday, August 9, 2010

Hero on a Lily Pad

This afternoon I took the boys over to a city pool to entertain them and to mark another Summer Fun Idea off the list. Chip was very perplexed about why we were going to a different pool and not just our neighborhood pool. BECAUSE it is on the list munchkin - Keep Up!

At this particular city pool, they have this lily pad crossing where kids hold on to a thick wire over their head and try to step across the huge lily pads across the pool. It is hard because the lily pads are slippery plastic floating devices tethered to the bottom of the pool and are not steady at all. Super hard to cross the pool on these babies.

So I am watching from across the pool, reading a little of GWTW (on page 228 out of 1448!) as the boys make many attempts at getting across. Harold is good at it. He it tall and can reach his legs far and he is strong enough to hold himself up on the wire. He is wiggly, but under control. Chip on the other hand is a hot mess. He takes one step on to that lily pad and is stretched to his maximum height to hold on to the wire. He is wiggling back and forth and it is a heroic effort to make it to the third lily pad. He doesn't care, he just keeps trying.

As I am watching, I see Harold talking to this little girl who is probably six or seven years old that is ahead of him in line. When it is her turn to go I see Harold step out on the lily pad and bring it close to the edge for her to step on. She is stretching with all her might to reach the wire, but is just shy of reaching it. I see him pulling it down with all his might until she is able to jump up and grab hold of it. He reaches out to make sure she is steady and then he steps back up on the side of the pool. That little thing started working her way across the pool on tip toes. When she is about half way across the life guard signals that Harold can start across. He goes monkeying on over handling it fairly easily. He catches up to the little girl before she reaches the other side. She is clearly stuck and can't get the last lily pad close enough to the side of the pool to step off. She is either going to hang there all afternoon or drop in the water. She is stuck in no man's land. I see Harold squat down on his lily pad and push her lily pad over close to the edge so she can reach. She hops on to the side of the pool and just beamed at him.

I was so proud of him for helping that little girl. Just made my heart swell with joy.

Later, during a 10 minute lifeguard break the little girl comes over to where we are sitting and says something really quiet and shy to Harold. He says something to her and she walks away.

I said "What did she say?"
He said "She asked if I could help her cross the lily pads again."
I said "What did you say to her?"
He said "I told her I would when the break was over."
I said "That is so sweet honey."
He shrugged and said "Why do only six year old girls dig me?"

I might be biased, but I think lots of girls are going to dig him.

Now, you might be wondering...did he help his own brother across? No. No he didn't. My heart would not only have swelled with joy it probably would have exploded from shock!

He's not perfect people - but he is sure headed in the right direction.

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