Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Today, my sweet Harold went to his High School Orientation. "FISH Camp" they call it around these parts.

***Let's have a moment of silence for my youth. I know it has already been long gone, but having a high school son just makes it seem like my youth is now gone FOR REAL!!! ***

As I shuttled him off to the high school I gave him a receipt for a missing Science Book that had been on his official record leaving 8th grade. It wasn't really missing, but we had to clear up that mess at the middle school during the early part of the summer. Nevertheless, the bookkeeper at the middle school told us to be sure and hold on to it, because it was the only thing standing between him and not getting issued books for high school. For weeks it has sat on our kitchen counter because I was so afraid of misplacing it and going through a huge ordeal to get his schedule and books for high school.

Today, I handed it to him on his way out the door and gave him the "this is an importance piece of paper" speech. He nodded his understanding of the importance of the paper and then shrugged me off and ran off to meet his buddies in the high school.

After the orientation there was time for a short break before the kids could pick up their books. He came home, told me about orientation and as we were headed out to lunch I said "Do you still have that receipt or did you turn it in already." He reaches into his shorts. Pulls them inside out like in a cartoon and with a fearful face says "Where is it? I had it! Where could it be?" He is turning in circles like a dog chasing its tail.

Fairly certain it is not right here in a one foot area around your body Harold. I cussed a little. I shook my head. I looked at him hard. Seriously, day one and already we are losing important papers.

He is baffled, embarrassed and ashamed of losing the receipt. It requires a trip back to the middle school to ask for another copy of the important paper we were told not to lose. As we are walking out of the middle school he says "Mom, really I would think you would know me well enough to know that I am not responsible." True, but you have to introduce responsibility at some point, right? I didn't just willy nilly give him the receipt. I delivered it with the "this is an important piece of paper" speech.

A short while later, he is in line for books at the high school he is prepared to show them the receipt that clears his name of any late or delinquent books. He tells the lady he might show up as having a missing science book and has this important piece of paper that absolves him of all late charges.

She waves her hand at him. "I don't need to see that." she says.

Really, well look at it anyway lady because it caused me some major grief today.

It was a chaotic and hectic bit of a day and we haven't even started school. Can't imagine what is in store for us next week!

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