Sunday, August 29, 2010

Say Hello to Our New Friend Rey

Please, let me introduce you to the newest phenomenon around our house. His name is Rey Mysterio and he is a wrestler.

That's right, you read that correctly. A wrestler. A 5'3" masked wrestler in the WWE. It troubles me not that I know Rey's stats. That I also know he is 36 years old and that his best known move is the 6-1-9.

You see, my little Chip has become fascinated (obsessed is probably a better description) with all things wrestling. Specifically, he is becoming a professional in XBox 360 Raw Smackdown, which is where he first met Rey.

Since that day, we have been inundated with facts about Rey, his opponents, wrestling rules, the drama, the has been AWESOME!!!

I don't know if you ever watched wrestling as a kid, but I did. I knew it was fake, everyone else knew it was fake, but dang if you didn't get wrapped up in the matches and rooting for the underdog.

That is where Chip is now. He knows it is fake, but he loves it!! He tapes the show on Monday nights and plays it many times. He gets on the wrestling website. He wanted the wrestling shirt from Walmart.

The boys even built Rey his own wrestling ring with a shoebox, some cross stitch thread and duct tape. Rey is obviously the main attraction. He beat all kinds of Batman, Spiderman and Ironman guys the first day!

Chip invited all of his "Mens" to sit ringside and watch the action. To the left of the ring you can see the walkway he built where the wrestlers come out. They all have their own entrance songs and costumes. It is very theatrical.

He has a Rey Mysterio lunchbox. He loves explaining to me which wrestlers hate each other, which are on teams, what one did to the other, how they enter the arena, who their managers are. He is a virtual encyclopedia of wrestling information.

It wasn't so long ago that Harold was obsessed with robots. We had Robot Wars, Battlebots, all these awful terrible remote control robots with names like Sir Killalot, Sgt. Bash, Matilda, Shunt, Panic Attack - all great toys for a seven year old to play with. I thought he would never outgrow them. He talked about them incessantly. All their moves, their weapons, who they battled, he just knew all there was to know about those big, angry robots. We never missed a show. We screamed when robots lost, cheered when bad guys got smashed.

It passed though...he doesn't love robots any more. I bet he would be hard pressed to name five of them.

So, wrestling is going to be Chip's passion of the moment. It will pass. Soon he won't remember any of their names or what their moves are.

In the meantime, I am going to become friends with Rey too! He is always an underdog and I love cheering for an underdog! Chip can tell me everything their is to know about Rey and I will be a willing listener. He can call me when it is Rey's turn on TV. We can yell 6 - 1 - 9 at the television together when Rey swings his legs through the ropes and kicks someone in the face.

Sounds brutal right? A little too twisted and violent it seems? Nah, at our house it is bonding. It's what we do!

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