Thursday, August 26, 2010


Harold thought he missed the bus this morning - he was early to the bus stop, but there was not another soul in sight. He called and I said I would be happy to run him up to school. BIG MISTAKE!!!

You should see those kids at the high school. They are HUGE!!! I mean HUGE and scary looking. All dressed in their tight, skinny jeans with black everything. I wish what I witnessed was only a small percentage of the kids, but it wasn't. It was a lot of kids and the majority of them were dressed weird. They were everywhere. Black hoodies, REALLY? It is 102 degrees today. I saw one girl with a knit hat perched up on her head with like six inches hanging over to the side. I mean it isn't winter, so she doesn't need it for warmth. I can assume it is a fashion statement. What statement is that? Back in my day, there were a handful of artsy kids who dressed a bit different than the rest of us. This high school looked like the artsy crowd was running the show.

My little shiny faced cherub dressed in athletic shorts and a tshirt, opens the car door and hesitates for a moment. I can tell that he has no idea how he is ever going to find his buddies in this crowd. Deep breath, glances back at me, smiles...out of the car and I swear he looked like a lamb walking into a pack of wolves. Not sure how I even drove away. I felt like screaming "Get back in the car son! I'm going to homeschool you."

I know he is going to be fine. I know those kids are all the same underneath all the black knit caps. But, good Lord, I could have gone all year without seeing the crowd up at the high school.

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