Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Ten Totally Random Tidbits

I realize these "Ten Totally Random Tidbits" are coming more and more frequently. It is so easy to resort to this method when I have just a little to say about a lot of things. So here we go:

1. Exercising is continuing to go really well. I haven't posted my weekly updates lately because it was kind of boring me. But I am doing something just about every single day. Monday is easy walk in the hood. Tuesday is hard walk in the hills. Wednesday is long, hilly bike ride. When I say long I mean like 16 miles That is FAR! Thursday is walk in the hood. Friday is swimming. Saturday and Sunday are longer and longer walks. This past Saturday was a 10 miler and Sunday was a 6 miler. That is a bunch of exercise and I feel pretty good. Haven't weighed myself, but I don't feel any different so I am probably staying about the same.

2. We went to Bingo last night with Peggy and JV. It brought back so many memories of my years working in the old bingo parlor. I got down to needing one number a couple of times and really felt like Louise was going to intervene from heaven and help me yell Bingo, but it didn't happen. I thought about her a ton though and it was good.

3. School is coming. Much faster than any of the little people in this house want to believe.

4. We are going to see the Red Sox/Rangers series this weekend for Hubby's birthday.

5. This morning Chip says to me "Man, I am so glad you are my mom. I just like you so much." Smile.

6. My fingernails are growing. I am going to be able to get a manicure and will be able to mark #32 off of my "Things to Do Before I am 50" list.

7. Making homemade ice cream #26 will be following shortly!

8. Harold drove the Suburban home from the neighborhood pool this weekend. Probably a 1/4 mile and one turn. I always thought parents who said they were too nervous to teach their kids to drive were a little nuts. Turns out it is kinda frightening. He was driving so close to the curb, wasn't letting go of the steering wheel enough to let it straighten out. Just very little things, but it was a bit stressful. I know it won't take long for him to feel more comfortable, but these first few little lessons are doozies!

9. My neighbor Karen kept an eye on our cat the last time we were out of town. While we were gone she came over to borrow a can of Ro-tel. When we got back she told me about her attempt to borrow, but she said my pantry was such a hot mess that she couldn't find anything. Then she said the next time we were gone, she was going to organize it for me. I should be embarrassed, but I'm all "Hell yeah! Knock yourself out!" I am going to take a before and after picture so we can all see what kind of magic she works. Maybe she will do my linen closet next.

10. I love Fall and am so ready for cooler temps, a fire in the fire place and College Football. How about you?

Hope your week is off to a great start and Hump Day goes easy on you!

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