Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Walking Safari

This morning on our hot, humid, early walk we witnessed a wildlife wonderland in the neighborhood. First we saw a baby deer run across the road just ahead of us. As always with deer, especially babies, momma was just across the street. She froze and we walked on by, assuring her that neither the humans or the two hairy dogs we were with would hurt her or Bambi. She stayed perfectly still, but as soon as we were by, we heard her hooves on the asphalt as she scampered after her baby.

We turned a corner not twenty feet ahead and heard the distinct "hoo hoo" of an owl. It sounded loud and close. A glance around and we spotted a big animal perched on the top of the community center. His big ears looked like a cat. Then another hollow "hoo hoo" and we knew for sure it was the owl. He was large and I could have stayed their all day to listen to his call. It would have been a thrill to see him fly off too!

To wrap up the safari we also ran into a opossum. Not nearly as spectacular, dainty or awe inspiring - but I didn't hold it against him. I am sure people say the same thing about me. I am sure he had a lovely personality.

I was certain that since all the animals were out and about this morning that it would be the perfect morning for the mountain lion to be on the prowl. Didn't see him. Relieved. Need to save that experience for when I am in a Jeep with a guide or in a nice zoo with a big fence.

Hope your day is filled with a touch of wonder at the world around you!

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