Sunday, August 8, 2010

Weekend Recap

Good Monday morning to you! Got to tell you that Monday rolled around alot quicker than I expected or wanted. Nothing new there, Mondays have a tendency to show up every seven days or so.

We ran the roads pretty good this weekend and it just flew by. I started off with a nice 10 mile walk with 5 of my girlfriends. We started at 7:00 a.m. and got back about 9:40. Ten miles is far. Stuff was hurting. Body parts were aching. It was hard.

Came home, hobbled up the stairs to shower and within 45 minutes we were on our way to Waco. The V Family came with us on our family field trip and we caravaned with two way radios in each car. Why does a two way radio makes me say things like "10-4 good buddy" and "over and out"? It is beyond me!

Their handle was White Ghost and ours was Death Star. Yes, we all have cell phones and yes we could have used those, but what is the fun in that?

About 30 minutes into our field trip we were all starving so we stop at Schlotzsky's for lunch.

Remember when Schlotzsky's had computers with those space video games? Well, our Schlotsky's took them out years ago, but this one still had them. They looked like antiques, but the kids loved them. We played, we ate, we got back on the road.

We arrived at the Mayborn Museum close to 1:00 and it was so hot. Just imagine being in a sauna with someone pointing a blow dryer right in your face. An air conditioned museum is just the perfect place to hang out on a day like that.

This is a cool little museum - and I don't just mean the temperature. We started in the Natural History of Texas section which had some really cool displays. This is a whale jaw. Not sure you can tell the size, but it was 16 feet long!

The giant replica of a sea animal that lived a gazillion years ago. Can't you see how much I learned on my trip to the museum. I could look up the specifics of its official name and wow you with how old it is, but really the effort makes me tired. Go there yourself and you can study up on it.

Next we ventured into the Mammoth Pit. Near the museum is the official dig site of a huge family of mammoths that was found fairly recently. They recreated the scene here at the museum and it is under a glass floor you walk on. Very cool.

The official site was discovered in Waco in 1978 and in the years since they have uncovered 22 mammoths in this location. It was a herd that was buried in a flood about 68,000 years ago. The dig site is actually now its own museum and we would like to check that out one day - maybe when it cools off a bit.

We also came upon this little Texas native that is perhaps, maybe, could be living in our neighborhood. Small pets are missing, halves of deer are turning up and a couple of folks have seen a mountain lion roaming the big farm across the street. A person from the Texas Park and Wildlife Department is coming to our neighborhood to do a presentation on how to live with a mountain lion next week. Seriously, person from the TPWD, can you please just capture the big scary mountain lion and relocate him? Seriously.

They had cool displays of Indian tee pees, grass huts and log cabins.

This was a favorite. This long hallway was called the music hallway. It had some sensors played musics if you were in their area. It showed all the controlled areas on a tv at the end of the hallway. If you were real still and didn't move a muscle no music would play but if you all jumped around and got all the sensors going it was like a symphony. We stayed in here a little too long!

Next, we hit up the Communications room where you could stand in front of a green screen and do the weather, run the camera. Kinda cool.

Bugs and critters.

A tornado machine.

This was also in communications - a long wall of typewriters. Old antique typewriters, like the kind I learned to type on. How in the world did my 7th grade typing instrument end up in a museum already. I am not old enough to have my youth represented in a museum am I? It was kind of neat to walk down memory lane and load the paper, hit the return, and revisit the good old days of white out!
This table had the symbols that hobos would use to communicate. Some of them were hysterical and we had fun writing messages in hobo.

Giant piano.

Hello, hello, can you hear me?

How many adults does it take to put the organs back in a human? Three apparently. And where is that bladder?
The bubble things were super cool. This is a huge bubble screen.
Here is RV pulling up a giant bubble around himself.

It could get about thigh high before he caved in and popped.

JV playing with the balls. It looks like he thinks he is a magician - Waa Laa!

This was an electric current demonstration. That bright light between the two metal rods is electricity.

Kid favorite here - they beat these drums to death. You could hear them way down the hall. Chip put on an Indian costume and was doing a rain dance. Lots of laughs.

Jousting in the Lego room. It was a great museum, not too crowded, not expensive, tons of hands on activities, lots to learn and look at. Very enjoyable. Little did I know the Texas Sports Hall of Fame was right next door. We will have to do that one the next time we get to Waco.

We hit the Dr. Pepper Museum, with visions and mouth watering to try out the real soda shop inside.

Although you can't see from this picture we took, but the place was packed. There were probably 25 people in line to get a DP float and only two workers behind the soda counter. We decided the wait was not worth it and googled another ice cream shop close by that we could enjoy!

Cold Stone Creamery was right down the road and we walked right up to the counter. I had a Coffee Lover's thing that was absolutely DELICIOUS!!
He headed home and I took a little siesta in the car - I slept so hard that I am sure I was snoring. After cooling off for a while at home we headed downtown to eat at the Spaghetti Warehouse and try an Austin classic - Gourdough's.

Gordough's is a trailer that serves some major doughnuts. Some of them have bacon on them! Interesting and our mouths were watering when we saw the menu! How about Cream Cheese Frosting, Bacon and Jalepeno Jelly? Or Cream Cheese Frosting, Heath Bar pieces and Coconut? Or Cream Cheese Frosting, Grilled Bananas and Brown Sugar? Weird, right?
So weird that half of Austin was there and on Saturday night at 10:00 p.m. there is a 45 minute wait! We just couldn't wait so we did the next best thing.

Went to Krispy Kreme for some doughnuts hot off the presses! YUM! We will save Gourdough's for another day.
Fell into bed at 11:15 and slept like a rock!
We had more fun on Sunday with a 6 mile walk and a matinee theatre performance of The Wedding Singer. Great weekend. Went way too fast and work is calling!
Hope your weekend was great and Monday isn't hurting you as bad as it is hurting me!


  1. Are you sure that's a whale jaw?? It sure looks like a pelvis.

  2. That museum looks like so much fun. Your comment about the typewriters had me cracking up...but how sad is that, really?!?!