Friday, August 20, 2010

Weird Week

This has been a weird week and I could not be happier to wake up to a Friday morning. Hello weekend.

My internet was down for about 48 hours this week. I got lots done around the house while I paced back and forth to my office to see if the little cable light on my modem was working. My house was tidy, laundry was done, set up a little homework area in the dining room, even filed a little bit, but like every other household in America there is always more to be done. In fact, I had a list of household chores that I could be working on like getting the water softener repaired, checking on new car insurance, sending out thank you notes, but guess what - I needed the internet. So dependent am I on the ability to get information quickly with a few key strokes. You can search for a company, check out their reviews, find phone numbers, schedule appointments all within just a few short minutes. The idea of looking through some yellow pages doesn't do it for me. Anyway, I became fast friends with my Time Warner technician, Donnie, who worked hard to get me back up and running. Ended up being a face plate outside that was causing the problems. Once they figured that out and replaced it, we were good as new. He will never read this I am sure - but Thank You Donnie.

School activities also cranked up this week. Harold had FISH camp and Chip had Back To School Night last night. I am working with Peggy this year as co-chairs for school supplies. Basically, parents can order a complete set of school supplies over the internet and just pick them up at Back To School Night - no shopping involved. It is all handled on-line. No paper forms. They deliver them right to the front door of the school. Seems easy enough, right? Well, it wasn't that easy. We had to unload a semi-truck with 490 packs of school supplies, 400 reams of copy paper and various and other items like baby wipes and kindergarten mats. It was hot, we had to roll hand trucks full of boxes across a big grassy sloped lot to get them to the gym. Fiasco of major proportions. Still have bruises on my arms and legs from that stupid morning. Then it was the sorting, unpacking and organizing of those same supplies to be ready to hand them out last night. That part went really well.

I love Back To School Night. You get to see all the families you don't see over the summer, the kids are all excited about who their teacher is, everything seems new and fresh. And don't even get me started on how much I like school supplies. Who doesn't love a fresh unopened box of crayons? It was good and school supply distribution went smoothly.

We met Chip's teacher. His name is Mr. Bradley. It's a man teacher. Chip is thrilled. Harold never had a male teacher in elementary school, so I am not sure what to expect. Here is something funny though...if you don't have kids you may not appreciate this, but if you do and have been through elementary school hopefully you will understand. You know how all the teachers have their rooms all cute and usually have a theme like monkeys, frogs, zebra print, camo, something that is their signature theme. "Welcome to the Frog Bog" "Let's Go Bananas" "Jump into Learning". On back to school night the desk are usually already marked with the kids names. Usually written in nice teacher writing, with a little frog, monkey or something taped onto the desk. Not Mr. Bradley. He literally took a sharpie marker and wrote the kids names directly on the desk. I cracked up. It is like Bachelor Pad elementary room. No decorations, no cute theme. There was a line of older kids lined up outside his door to say hello, so that is always a good sign. I have seen him go through the cafeteria at lunch time and grades of all ages are screaming "Mr. Bradley, Mr. Bradley, Mr. Bradley." He high fives them. I think the kids think he is totally cool - I just hope he can rock multiplication tables too! We shall see.

This is such a random post, but let's keep going...

I ordered two new chairs for my master bedroom. I was so excited to get them delivered yesterday. I want a cozy place to sit and read like they have in magazines. My vision is a lovely little retreat away from all the chaos. Then BAM - the fabric color is all wrong. Vision is all wrong....Boo Hiss! Does anything suck worse than looking forward to new furniture and then it not working? I love the color, it is a simple taupe - but it is almost exactly the same color as my bedroom walls. Makes it all look washed out. Hate them in my bedroom. I don't have any art work on the wall behind the chairs or tables or lamps so I am going to try to break up the monotony of the color with some pictures, throws, pillows, rugs etc. Otherwise I am going to have to repaint the walls. So SUCKY.

One last thing and you can get back to your life before you ever started reading this blog.

I finished Gone With the Wind and was able to mark #19 off of my 50 Things to do Before I am 50 List. Apple Pie and Reading. Definitely took the two easy ones first. I am trying to grow my fingernails so I can get a manicure, but it is hard. Do you have to have all ten nails in good shape or is 6/10 okay? Can they work miracles if you only have two nails of any length? This may be my hardest challenge of all.

That's all.

Thanks for letting me purge.

Have a great weekend!

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  1. The thing that I have experienced with your kids in high school is that you get to enjoy high school for the second time - without all the studying. . . You get to enjoy Friday Night Lights (football - first game tonight in TN), baseball, basketball . . . it's all good! Enjoy it though - those 4 years FLY by way too quickly!