Sunday, September 12, 2010

Baseball is Back

Fall baseball is under way in Texas. Saturday morning, I was out and about early to squeeze in a quick walk so we could all head to the ball park together. Chip got dressed in his new uniform and looked so darn cute. There was a bit of a breeze outside and at 8:15 in the morning the weather was downright lovely. We pulled into the park and it was crawling with kids, coaches and parents. It was awesome!

What follows is a series of pictures of one of Chip's at bat. I didn't get the one he hit during the first game that was seriously one of the hardest balls he has ever hit. It went FAR! But this is my new camera with the automatic action function! I didn't have my zoom lens on the camera, but definitely plan to bring it next week!

Pitcher about to release.
Ball is in the air.

Here it comes....eye on the ball....

Get ready...

He sees it, he swings, he smashed it.

Swings through and it goes flying.

Hit towards third base...


Nice job Chip!

They tied the first game 11 - 11 against a very good team. The second game of the day they won 18 - 0. Poor kids on the other team just couldn't hit. It was painful.

Great start to the season for the Scrappers!

Flag football will be cranking up for Harold soon! Can't wait!!

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