Monday, September 20, 2010


Hey all! I have sure missed pouring out my guts on this blog for the last several days. I have so much to write about and not nearly enough time to do it! Here is a quick "Top Ten" summary to remind me of what I need to cover from my trip to Alabama last week:

1) Still hate flying. Small planes. Turbulence. Weird smells. Sucky snacks and drinks.

2) Herding farm fowl. Seriously much harder than you can imagine.

3) Getting stuck in an elevator.

4) Flying Spaghetti.

5) Unexpected acceleration due to slow moving plane on our runway!

6) Hockey in Huntsville.

7) Sweet reunions. Boys not only survive - but flourish!

8) Fashion Show - Good for your self esteem!

9) Training - Nice to realize how much you already know. But there are always some "Damn, I should have known that" moments.

10) Learning to use my phone - technology is good!

I will be back later today to start filling you in on all of these!

So good to be back and getting into a regular routine!!

Have a Magnificent Monday!

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