Wednesday, September 8, 2010

It's Raining...and More

Okay, so the link to the pictures didn't work! Sorry about that! There are lots of good ones, so if you want to see the album just email me and I will send it to you!

What else is up here in Texas? Let's make a list:

1) It's raining - ALOT. We had close to 12 inches of rain over 24 hours or something equally wet and ridiculous. Poor Astro wouldn't go out to pee for love, money or a rawhide chewy all day yesterday. I thought he might explode. He didn't.

2) I have to go to Alabama for training next week. I have my clothes picked out, but have no shoes to wear. I don't think my Croc flip flops are going to cut it. Why not? Why can't you wear Croc flip flops to work? Is there a rule? I know there is a rule, but I hate it.

3) Went to see my "female" doctor this morning. That yearly appointment seems to come around way too fast. Now I get to schedule a Mammogram. Oh the joy of being a woman.

4) Harold is covered up in homework. Bless his heart.

5) I am making homemade rolls again tonight. They are no good for me. They are evil.

6) Harold hated music last week - this week he loves it. That kid is a chameleon (could that possibly be spelled correctly?) Changing all the time. He likes Nickelback. Who is this kid?

7) Chip is learning place value. He loves place value. Wants me to make up a long number so he can tell me the place value. I wish it was more fun for me.

8) I am going to get a manicure tomorrow or Friday. My first ever. With my own nails. I will be marking #32 off of my list. That will be five items off of the list of 50. Progress.

9) Fantasy Football Family Draft is tonight. I haven't studied or prepared at all. I will pull together some random team and hopefully have a decent season. Time to win back the trophy.

10) We played Balderdash on our trip this weekend. It is a game where you have to make up a definition for a word and try to get the other players to think your definition is the right one. I was the reader for one round and was collecting definitions. I can't even remember what the word was but Peggy handed me a definition that said "A dance of celebration in Kabul" (or something like that) and it just struck me as so damn funny. I have found myself chuckling. No, that is not the truth. I have laughed out loud to myself several times since then. I get so tickled thinking about that definition. I don't even know why. It is a perfectly respectable definition. Makes me laugh just thinking about it now. So if you want to hit my funnybone sometime, just start talking about a dance of celebration. I am liable to snort.

Hope your day has been terrific!!

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