Thursday, September 9, 2010

School Download

I love the afternoons, when my kids download their day for me. Chip is super detailed. He gives me a running commentary while we take the short walk to the car and on the one mile drive home. Here is how today went.

"Hey Mom. I almost got a Starburst candy today for answering a question. It was so close, but I had to get a clue so that means you don't get a candy. Do I like Starburst? We are learning about coins. You know Colin. He is a real smarty pants. Not like a nerd, but for real smart. He knew the name of Abraham Lincoln's house was Monticello. Who knows stuff like that? So, Mr. Bradley still wants us to find out what is on the back of the 50 cent piece. He said we could Google it. So can I? My lunch was the best lunch ever today. Thank you for that schnitzel. I didn't know what it was. When I saw it was schnitzel I just ate it right up. We had a super mean substitute in Music today. She was tall and super skinny with white hair. She did not like us. I went to the library today. So Thursday is my actual library day. I got two non-fiction books about sports. Oh, and mom I got a really cool book to do my summary of. It is a Hank Aaron book. I left it in my desk to bring home tomorrow. That is what we are supposed to do. What did you do today? Can Pootie come over?"

Makes my head spin.

Later in the afternoon, Harold busts through the door 30 minutes late and I get this:


Then there was some ranting about the bus driver who may or may not be retarded. Poor soul just can't seem to figure out the bus route and after two weeks of mistakes it is getting a little old!

Harold usually has to urgently pee, get a drink, grab a snack and then he can fill me in a little better on his day.

They give me different kinds of downloads, but eventually I get the details from both of them.

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