Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Tender Moment

Yesterday afternoon while I was throwing together dinner, Chip walks by me and says "I am going to go clean out my toy box."

Huh? Did I hear that correctly? I hear the closet door opening and lots of chatter and clatter as toys are separated into piles.

Chip hollers from the other room: "Mom, come check on how I am doing."

Mom: "Wow, you are doing great! Are you getting rid of all of those guns, swords and weapons?"

Chip: "Yep. This is my keep stack, this is the throw away junk and this pile is the stuff that we can give to other kids."

Keep. Trash. Donate. I think those organizing shows on DIY Network are starting to rub off!

Mom: "Are you sure you don't want to keep some of your Star Wars stuff?"

Chip: "Nah, I am kind of over Star Wars."

Mom: "Your guns? All in the give away stack?"

Chip: "Yep, unless you want to keep them. Mom, do you want me to keep one for you to play with?"

Mom: "No, that is okay."

Mom: Gasp. "Buzz Lightyear is in the give away stack?"

Chip: "You can keep him for your room if you want to Mom."

Mom: Choking back tears. "No sweetie, that's okay. Some other kid will love him."

Chip: "Are you proud of me for doing this?"

To myself: "No, I am not proud so much as I am SAD! Andy waited until he was going away to college to part with Buzz Lightyear. You are killing me slowly with this growing up business. Stop it immediately. Start playing with those toys and don't stop until I am good and ready for you to stop."

To him: "Yes buddy, I am very proud of you. Thanks for having such a great idea to clean out this closet."

Chip: "You're welcome. Thanks for helping me mom."

Sniff - sniff - sigh.

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