Thursday, September 2, 2010

What's Up?

Seriously, it is September already??


That was fast.

That means Thanksgiving and Christmas are right around the corner and we will be welcoming in 2011 before you know it.


Things are rocking along at our house! New water softener is installed. Coffee tastes great.

School is going well. Chip has mastered "afraid" and is therefore completely ready for his first spelling test of the year. Harold is plowing through homework every night without much complaining. A missed assignment, a botched electronic Biology quiz, a couple of missed buses, but pretty painless for the first couple of days in the new adventure of high school.

Food Journal kicked off yesterday. Wrote down every single thing I ate. I had three fruits and some veggies so that was good.

I made some homemade rolls with yeast and kneading and rising. The whole bit. They were awesome.

I have to travel to Alabama for work in a couple of weeks. GROAN. UGH. That means coming up with something to wear for four days of work. Getting on a damn airplane. Getting my family organized so that everything goes as smoothly as possible while I am gone. So much effort just to get there. But, the one bright side is that I get to stay with Mom and Dad and that is always a pleasure.

College Football kicks off this weekend! YAY!!

Hope your day is excellent!

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