Thursday, September 23, 2010

Wrap Up Last Week

Let me wrap up everything else that happened last week so I can get back to my current life and antics. I will just go down the list:

Flying stinks. Flying on small little jets, with weird diesel smells sucks in the worst way. However, flying in a big jet that has to accelerate unexpectedly back up in the sky when approaching the runway to land sucks worst of all. I guess I am thrilled that the pilot was paying enough attention to realize that there was another plane on our runway, but seriously, zooming back up when you are bracing for landing is not an experience I would ever like to repeat. Nor would the gentleman that was sleeping next to me, who woke up with such a start that he hit his head on the window.

My boys did great without me. In fact, Hubby had the routine down pat. Kids were helpful. They started a family exercise routine while I was gone. Chip actually walked home one day from school with a friend. Harold didn't do that until the end of fourth grade. That was a big deal. Everyone's homework was submitted on time. Animals were fed. People were fed. No stories of anyone going to school in their jammies. Good work fellas!

I learned how to put my phone on silent so I could check my messages without it beeping. That was nice since I was trapped in a classroom for 8 hours. Nothing urgent came across, but it was nice to feel like I was still in touch. I am a texting machine with my new phone. Long time coming, but apparently you can teach an old dog a new trick.

After being in the procurement business for so long I still learned alot in the class I took. I was one of the senior people in the class so I was able to interject some real life stories and examples of things that have gone well and maybe even some that didn't go so well. It was nice to get such positive feedback and to feel like I could contribute. That instant gratification is missing when you work from home and don't get to interact as much with your peers. I really enjoyed that and even more I enjoyed getting to know my co-workers better. I work with a great group of folks all trying to do the job as well as they can. That's nice.

While in Alabama I got to go watch my two Tennessee nephews play ice hockey. They were so good. Seriously better than any other kid out on the ice. Those two little turkeys can skate! My favorite moment of all those was off the ice. The little nephew was in the restroom when I got to the IcePlex and when he came out he and saw we were there he broke out in a big grin and started running towards me. All of the sudden he remembered where he was and he wiped that grin off of his face and slowed from a mad dash to a slow swagger. You can't let the competition see you happy with glee I guess. Always with the game face - even when you are eight!! Funny fella! It was great to get to see them in their element and see them excel at something they enjoy. Good stuff.

Finally, let me tell you the story of the flying spaghetti. It involves Bob. It will be a mini Bob Chronicles. Dad called me at work and asked if I was coming home for dinner. I was. Mom was going to her bowling league but was going to make spaghetti for us for dinner. YUM! She makes it with mushrooms, which I love, but my boys hate. Something to look forward to! When I got home we decided to take a quick walk before it got dark. While we were walking Dad told me about the major disaster they had experienced that day. Mom went to Walmart and was walking in with a gallon of milk. The Walmart bag ripped, the gallon went crashing, the entire bottom of the plastic jug exploded and milk was EVERYWHERE. On the fridge, under the fridge, splashed on cabinets. He said it took forever to clean up. We had a good laugh about it. After our walk we decide to heat up our spaghetti and head out to the screened porch to eat. Dad puts his plate in the microwave. Beep, it is done. As he turns to put it on the counter he stops. The spaghetti does not stop. It went flying off the plate, the whole blob slammed right into the kitchen cabinet and exploded all over EVERYTHING. It slid down the cabinet door, exploding on every white cabinet in the vicinity, splashed all over our legs, covered the floor. At first we jumped back and did a little AAGGHHH like it all happened in slow motion. A moment of silence. Then we cracked up. Hands and knees cleaning it up. Paper towels, damp towels, dry towels. We threw everything at it. So two kitchen disasters in the same day. It that an omen or something?

I think that covers everything that I thought might be worthy of mentioning of my trip from last week. Let's get back to the here and now!

Have a great Thursday!

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