Friday, October 29, 2010

Holla - It's Friday!!!

I LOVE Fridays! Saying goodbye to the work week and hello to the weekend! It is good.

I get to start my Friday out with a much over do haircut! Can't wait.

For the weekend I have two relatively short walks (8 miles on Saturday and 6 miles on Sunday) planned for our last weekend before the 3 Day 60 Mile adventure. currently shows the most amazing weather in Dallas for next weekend! Thank you Lord!

We have a flag football game on Saturday morning and then the big boys are heading up to Dallas to see Game 3 of the World Series. What a great opportunity to be a part of the first World Series game ever for the Rangers. Those Rangers need to start hitting and I sure hope they turn it around and win the game on Saturday! Make the trip up there even more fun!

Sunday we have Halloween plans out the wazoo! Our neighbors are coordinating a little get together in the middle of our cul-de-sac. Harry and his buddies have a little get together being planned down the street. Chip will once again convert into Whiplash and we will canvas the neighborhood looking for candy galore! I can't wait! I love seeing all the creative costumes people come up with.

Must get busy packing all my things for the walk - figure out what I am going to wear, gathering all my foot doctoring supplies, etc. Hoping to travel pretty light since mostly all I need are my tennis shoes and three walking outfits!

Hope your weekend is kicking off in style!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Tales from the Mammogram Machine

If you are a guy - stop reading here - log off - check back in tomorrow for something more gender neutral.

Ladies, let's talk about this torture device.

I had my annual mammogram this past Monday. Based on the fact that I am 44 years old, I would say that I have had five or six mammograms in the past. Those five or six were nothing compared to the one I just endured.

You know all those funny emails that float around about how to get ready for a mammogram, like lay in the driveway and have someone back over your boob and then do it again. I always thought they were funny, but not really that accurate. Every mammogram I have ever had was really not that painful. Kind of embarrassing with the technician handling your girl parts so casually, but not painful. The way they push, pull and manipulate your boob to get it just so under the machine is kind of like....I was going to say like something (baker, bread maker, bra fitter....) but I honestly can't even begin to compare that ordeal to anything. You just accept the fact this lady handles boobs all day long, pressing them between glass panels and hitting a button. Makes subcontract administration seem like a damn dream job.

Anyway, I went in on Monday expecting the same thing. Get undressed, put on this gown, open to the front, come on in, hold this bar, turn this way, lean in, shoulder back, the technician is pulling and placing and talking and positioning me. Then WHAM!!! She starts lowering the glass panels to clamp in the old girls and I swear I almost cussed. I don't know if the machine was set for someone that was 5'9" or 4'1", or if she was trying to press them to the thickness of a piece of paper, but whatever was happening was horribly painful. I literally wanted to break out some Lamaze breathing to get through the pain.

Then of course she says "Hold your breath." Dang, there goes my Lamaze breathing technique.

I hold my breath and scream inside my head "Release, Release, hit the *&!@%#$ Release button."

Finally it opens. Good night. I didn't know whether to run over and punch her in the face, massage my boob to see if I could somehow help it recover or dig in my purse for money to bribe her to go easy on me for the next one. I had to do it three more times. All three positions hurt as bad as the first. Good Grief. I couldn't wait to take my squashed boobs and get the heck out of there. I apologized to them for the torture treatment when we were alone.

So for all you ladies who have endured this yourselves, I am sorry that I did not have the appropriate level of sympathy for you. I know now. I know so well what those crazy mammogram emails are all about. They are the truth, is what they are.

My hat is off to all you women out there who have been in the death grip of a mammogram machine. May your boobs recover, your scans come back clean and you have only vague memories by the time you have to roll in their again next year! That is what I am hoping for!

Boys, if any of you were brave enough to read this all the way through, here is your take away lesson. The next time your wife is scheduled for her annual mammogram buy her flowers. She deserves them.

Monday, October 25, 2010

UWE - Underwear Wrestling Entertainment

Ladies and Gentlemen. May I have your attention please. Welcome to the Sunday Night Underwear Wrestling Entertainment Event.

In this corner, checking in with his awesome abs and a complete obsession with all things wrestling - its.......Chip!

IMPORTANT NOTE: This event was not planned. Chip was heading to bed at 9:00 p.m. on Sunday night when his Dad walked out of the kitchen dressed like this!!

And in this corner, the instigator of Underwear Wrestling Entertainment and Dad helping make a kids dream come true....its Cheetah Man.

Chip could not have been more thrilled to take on the challenge from Cheetah Man. They circled each other, sizing up the competition and then went in for the first strike.

Chip has Cheetah Man up against the ropes (or the ottoman - WHATEVER) and it looks like he could be in trouble.

Chip has Cheetah Man pinned and is giving him the business.

Chip jumps from the ropes to land an elbow right in the back of Cheetah Man. Cheetah Man is in serious trouble.

Oh no folks! The tables have turned. Cheetah Man has Chip in a shoulder carry.

Oh no, it is the dreaded Helicopter Spin move.

Is there any hope for Chip? Can he break out of this hold or will he be slammed to the mat?

Looks like Cheetah Man is going for the slam!

Poor Chip has been busted against the mat? Why is he still laughing?

He isn't laughing now! Cheetah Man is coming in for a bone crushing blow from the corner.

He leaps, but it looks like Chip is going to roll away!

Cheetah Man has Chip pinned. Is there any hope?

Chip has broken out of the hold. He has Cheetah Man's cape and is taunting Cheetah Man like a bullfighter.

Chip cries out for help and out of the locker room comes his brother, Skeletor to rescue. Oh no, Cheetah Man reacts with his cat like reflexes and Skeletor is subjected to the back breaker move.

Now he is going to get slammed. Chip looks like he just waiting for the tag. Tag me, Tag me, Right here Skeletor - reach out your hand and tag me in.

Chip is tagged in just in time to have the pile driver end this match for good. First round goes to Cheetah Man. He gets to keep his belt.

Walking up the stairs to actually go to bed after all of this unexpected sweating, laughing, fighting, and choreography Chip says to me "That was the best night of my life." Then he yells downstairs "Hey Dad, can I have a rematch tomorrow night?"

Chip has talked of nothing else since. I so wish I had taken a picture of the costume that he came up with for the re-match. It is hysterical. He got some entrance music going, the whole nine yards. Maybe I will catch some of the action tonight.

I predict I will need a new couch in about six months!

Pre-Halloween Festivities

There are lots of Halloween activities popping up around here! In fact, Chip was invited to a Halloween party in the 'hood this weekend.

Great opportunity to give the old Whiplash costume a dry run.

Please pay special attention to the wristbands wrapped with duct tape. You can't buy cool accessories like this at Party City people! This is home made! A little imagination and a desperate child is the mother of invention!

Please also know that there was a bit of drama around the use of hair gel and makeup. Chip wanted nothing to do with it and I insisted. We butted heads. Not that unusual. I think if he could have electrocuted me right there in the front yard with his whips that he would have. I could be fried right now. Glad those things don't really work.

I think an hour later at the party he might have still had some pent up aggression. Look at his angry face as he starts carving our pumpkin. Be afraid. Be very afraid.

We took the slackers way out and just cut out eyes. Then we resorted to stickers to finish up the mouth and nose. It was so much easier than wielding that knife around. Besides I was scared to turn my back on Chip with that knife in his hand. He was still a little p.o.ed about the makeup.
Kinda cute, right?

An alien invaded my son's body and forced him to eat celery. Who knew the kid would eat celery! Learn something new every single day I tell you!

Group picture of the rugrats at the party.

Grand finale! Bobbing for apples. Chip stayed down a long time. I think he was washing off his makeup and hair gel. He was soaking wet!

Great time had by all! Thanks for the invite Amber, we had alot of fun.

I also want to mention right here, so I never one point during the party I was sitting around yacking with some other moms as the children ran around like crazy bangees. Chip takes a break from being a bangee and comes over to where we are sitting. His exact words "Mom, do you need me to get you anything? Do you want some pizza or a drink?" All moms within earshot gave a collective "Awww, that was so sweet!" That nice kid. When he is not pretend electrocuting me, arguing about hair gel or stabbing a pumpkin with gusto is a pretty sweet fella! I'm going to keep him.

Scrappers Last Game

The 8U Coach Pitch Scrappers wrapped up their fall baseball season this weekend. They played two games and won one and lost one.

What a great looking group of kids.

Congratulations Scrappers on a great season.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Cookie Tasters

I have so many pictures and stories to share from this weekend. I will start with Friday and move through the rest of the events of the weekend.

We kicked off Friday afternoon with an impromptu Cookie Tasting exercise. I was sampling some sugar cookie recipes to find the best frosting. It was basically a dry run to see which cookies tasted the best so I could take them to a Halloween party on Sunday afternoon.

I called in my two best cookie connoisseurs, Chip and Pootie.

I set up plates with small bites of each variety.

They took their job very seriously.

Giving careful consideration to each bite.

Savoring the taste in their mouths.

Cleansing their palates between bites.

Gave honest feedback about what they liked and didn't like about each.

Gave two thumbs up to the final winner!

Thanks boys. I appreciate you help!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

No Snot!

The prayers worked! I gave my little presentation yesterday to the PEO Sisterhood and I cried a little, but not to the point of distraction and not to the nose wiping stage. I was a jumble of nerves all morning and was wondering why in the world I ever thought it would have been a good idea to agree to this insanity. We arrived at the meeting and the women were all so lovely and kind. There were probably about 20 - 25 ladies in attendance.

I tried to stay calm. I was prepared. I had worked on my speech. I had practiced. I was just there to tell them about the walk and how much I loved it.

My girls, Beth and Cindy, went with me for moral support. I was so happy to have them there. We were all sporting our 3 Days 4 Hope shirts!

We had a little snack and I sipped on some water. I was sweating profusely in spite of the Clinical Strength deodorant I was sporting specifically for this event.

Then it was time.

My neighbor Francene introduced me. Said the nicest things ever about me and I got teared up. No fair! I am trying not to cry here!!

I thanked her for her kind words and launched into my planned speech. Before I knew it - 35 minutes had passed. I got choked up just a couple of times. At one point I couldn't see my paper and had to get some Kleenex to dry my eyes so I could focus! The audience had laughed and cried with me and I hope really got a taste for how amazing the walk was.

Then they gave me a standing ovation and I was embarrassed. But also pleased as punch. SWEETEST LADIES EVER!

Next, Cindy and Beth joined me at the front of the room for some cute pictures and then they started giving us money. We walked out of there with $225 dollars and a promise for more if we would send them the website link. I did. I hope more donations come in!

Then, because it wasn't already awesome enough Francene proceeded to give us gifts. Tons of gifts. She gave us the following Pink Breast Cancer items: Hat, socks, shoelaces, water bottle, wristbands, mints, chap stick, deck of cards, air freshener, duck tape, pink M&Ms, two ink pens, a scrapbook page, pink highlighters and a beautiful handmade beaded bookmark.


Bottom line - it was scary and it was awesome!!!

Hope your day has been outstanding!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Tomorrow morning I am giving a talk to the Philanthropic Educational Organization (PEO) here in the area. My neighbor, Francene, is a member and invited me to give a speech to the group at this month's meeting. Francene has been on the receiving end of all of my 3 Day 60 Mile walk emails and updates and thought her group would enjoy hearing about my adventure.

I am nervous. Most of you know that I have no problem writing down my feelings. Written words are safe. You can erase, backspace, delete, move, rearrange...make it all perfect well before anyone ever gets to see your thoughts. Now talking. I enjoy talking and few things rev me up more than talking about the 3 Day Walk. It is something I am passionate about, it moves me, I believe in it. Should be easy to talk about, right?

But in front of strangers??? The thought of that just makes me sweat.

I have been working on what I am going to say on and off all day today. Trying to get my thoughts in order so I don't jump around too much and get the message all jumbled up in and amongst random stories I might get sidetracked with. I thought I had a pretty good plan.

I just did a practice run through with Harry as my sole audience member. Speech last 31 minutes. That is perfect. A minute more than I am scheduled. I am sure tomorrow I will be even more nervous and will talk a little faster so I will probably shave that extra minute off no problem.

But get this...I CRIED. A LOT!! On the practice run!!!

What the heck? You can't cry when giving a speech! Who cries???? How embarrassing is that going to be? There was snot.

Please schedule me an additional minute or two to blow my nose.


Prayers for 10:00 tomorrow for me to be entertaining, informative, easy to understand, motivational and all that jazz! But mostly pray that I can keep my emotions in check. NO SNOT! That is really the kicker right there!!

Can't wait to tell you how it goes!

Wish me luck!!!


There are 18 days left until my 3 Day 60 Mile walk!!! YIKES!!! Excited, nervous, ready to get on with it! I am much more laid back this year than I was last year. Nice to be going in and knowing what to expect. Also nice that we are not camping this year. Hotels are nice. Tents are not. I find "Party in the USA" on my iPod all the time. Reminds me so much of the walk last year and how much fun we had!

Sing it with me now:

So I put my hands up
They're playing my song,
And the butterflys fly away
Noddin' my head like yeah
Moving my hips like yeah,
And I got my hands up,
They're playin my song
I know I'm gonna be ok
Yeah, It's a party in the USA
Yeah, It's a party in the USA

It was a total party, but with REALLY, REALLY sore feet!

A couple of other biggies that I am counting down the days until:

Halloween is just 12 days away. Chip is going to be "Whiplash" the bad guy from Ironman 2.

Isn't he cute? Perfect for an eight year old.

Harry is going to walk around with this hat on acting like a teenager that is way too cool for trick or treating.

Also on the radar is Thanksgiving! We are flying to Bama to spend it with our family. Love, love, love everything about Thanksgiving. The family, food, football! YEAH!

Then the big daddy....Christmas is 66 days away! It is official - I have started Christmas shopping. I haven't even put up my Halloween decorations yet!! What is going on with me? It is a bit earlier than usual for me, but honestly if this year goes by any faster I am going to wake up tomorrow and it will be 2011!

So, I built my little Christmas spreadsheet, jotted down some ideas that have been swimming around in my head. Did a little searching on the internet. Found a few things and instead of waiting I just hit the buy button and checked it off the list. Felt pretty good!

Put on your seatbelt, once Halloween gets here it seems like the rest of the year is just a blur!! Hang on tight and enjoy the ride!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Saturday Smiles

The Bears won one and lost one this weekend. Here is a series of photos that I took of our quarterback Harry.

Takes aim.


Gives it all he's got.

Is it far enough?

Is it on the mark?


Oh yeah - Touchdown!

Time for a high five with my teammates.

I love this game.

This story is brought to you by me and my Nikon D5000. Emotions through the viewfinder. Good Stuff.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Field Day Friday

Today was Field Day at Chip's school. They got to play outside half the day! Field Day this year was a circus theme and they had water balloons, tug a war, hula hoop, spinning a plate on a stick, jousting, etc. Fun, relaxing, sunny afternoon.

Look at this cute picture I got of Chip and his tattoo! I just love it.

Now do you see what is on my plate spinning boys right hand? Yes, that is a splint. During the brotherly love session on Wednesday night Chip fell hard in the neighbors driveway and hurt his wrist. It was still bothering him on Thursday so I took him to the Urgent Care for a quick xray. It wasn't broken, but severely sprained. He has to wear the brace for about 3 days to let it heal. He absolutely loved the splint at first and I think he thought of himself as a little Ironmanish. Today, not so fun. Not so cool. Itchy. Hot. Bothering him with a capital "B". Makes me so thankful it didn't require a real cast for six weeks.

I hope your Friday was as pleasant as mine and that the weekend stretches in front of you with endless possibilities for fun!

Have a great day!