Friday, October 15, 2010

Field Day Friday

Today was Field Day at Chip's school. They got to play outside half the day! Field Day this year was a circus theme and they had water balloons, tug a war, hula hoop, spinning a plate on a stick, jousting, etc. Fun, relaxing, sunny afternoon.

Look at this cute picture I got of Chip and his tattoo! I just love it.

Now do you see what is on my plate spinning boys right hand? Yes, that is a splint. During the brotherly love session on Wednesday night Chip fell hard in the neighbors driveway and hurt his wrist. It was still bothering him on Thursday so I took him to the Urgent Care for a quick xray. It wasn't broken, but severely sprained. He has to wear the brace for about 3 days to let it heal. He absolutely loved the splint at first and I think he thought of himself as a little Ironmanish. Today, not so fun. Not so cool. Itchy. Hot. Bothering him with a capital "B". Makes me so thankful it didn't require a real cast for six weeks.

I hope your Friday was as pleasant as mine and that the weekend stretches in front of you with endless possibilities for fun!

Have a great day!

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