Tuesday, October 5, 2010

New Chip

******Alert the Media******

******Call the President******

******Activate the National Guard*******

******Notify Your Neighbors*********

There is something weird going on around these parts!!!

Chip tried an apple! A real honest to goodness, grown on a tree apple! Not apple juice, not an apple newton, not an apple flavored jolly rancher......a real piece of fruit apple!

He went to the grocery store with me last night and said "Can I pick out an apple to try?" Without hesitation, I jumped for glee and said "YES!"

He picked out a cute little gala apple and put it in a produce bag. He carried a load of groceries into the house and came walking back out with the apple in his hand and a big bite in his mouth. I could hardly believe my eyes. After I cringed because I am sure he didn't wash it, I grabbed my camera to document this in the history books.

Chip and an apple. Hello stranger.

You want me to take another bite?


Open wide.

Doesn't look easy for him does it?

Not so sure he is loving it.

But he is chewing it up and swallowing it down!

And is so proud of himself!!!
I am super proud of you too, Chip! Way to try something new! There are lots of good things happening with Chip these days. In fact, his brother has started calling him "New Chip", as in new and improved Chip.
Now quit climbing the walls of the house and help me get the rest of these groceries in.

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