Thursday, October 21, 2010

No Snot!

The prayers worked! I gave my little presentation yesterday to the PEO Sisterhood and I cried a little, but not to the point of distraction and not to the nose wiping stage. I was a jumble of nerves all morning and was wondering why in the world I ever thought it would have been a good idea to agree to this insanity. We arrived at the meeting and the women were all so lovely and kind. There were probably about 20 - 25 ladies in attendance.

I tried to stay calm. I was prepared. I had worked on my speech. I had practiced. I was just there to tell them about the walk and how much I loved it.

My girls, Beth and Cindy, went with me for moral support. I was so happy to have them there. We were all sporting our 3 Days 4 Hope shirts!

We had a little snack and I sipped on some water. I was sweating profusely in spite of the Clinical Strength deodorant I was sporting specifically for this event.

Then it was time.

My neighbor Francene introduced me. Said the nicest things ever about me and I got teared up. No fair! I am trying not to cry here!!

I thanked her for her kind words and launched into my planned speech. Before I knew it - 35 minutes had passed. I got choked up just a couple of times. At one point I couldn't see my paper and had to get some Kleenex to dry my eyes so I could focus! The audience had laughed and cried with me and I hope really got a taste for how amazing the walk was.

Then they gave me a standing ovation and I was embarrassed. But also pleased as punch. SWEETEST LADIES EVER!

Next, Cindy and Beth joined me at the front of the room for some cute pictures and then they started giving us money. We walked out of there with $225 dollars and a promise for more if we would send them the website link. I did. I hope more donations come in!

Then, because it wasn't already awesome enough Francene proceeded to give us gifts. Tons of gifts. She gave us the following Pink Breast Cancer items: Hat, socks, shoelaces, water bottle, wristbands, mints, chap stick, deck of cards, air freshener, duck tape, pink M&Ms, two ink pens, a scrapbook page, pink highlighters and a beautiful handmade beaded bookmark.


Bottom line - it was scary and it was awesome!!!

Hope your day has been outstanding!

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