Monday, October 25, 2010

Pre-Halloween Festivities

There are lots of Halloween activities popping up around here! In fact, Chip was invited to a Halloween party in the 'hood this weekend.

Great opportunity to give the old Whiplash costume a dry run.

Please pay special attention to the wristbands wrapped with duct tape. You can't buy cool accessories like this at Party City people! This is home made! A little imagination and a desperate child is the mother of invention!

Please also know that there was a bit of drama around the use of hair gel and makeup. Chip wanted nothing to do with it and I insisted. We butted heads. Not that unusual. I think if he could have electrocuted me right there in the front yard with his whips that he would have. I could be fried right now. Glad those things don't really work.

I think an hour later at the party he might have still had some pent up aggression. Look at his angry face as he starts carving our pumpkin. Be afraid. Be very afraid.

We took the slackers way out and just cut out eyes. Then we resorted to stickers to finish up the mouth and nose. It was so much easier than wielding that knife around. Besides I was scared to turn my back on Chip with that knife in his hand. He was still a little p.o.ed about the makeup.
Kinda cute, right?

An alien invaded my son's body and forced him to eat celery. Who knew the kid would eat celery! Learn something new every single day I tell you!

Group picture of the rugrats at the party.

Grand finale! Bobbing for apples. Chip stayed down a long time. I think he was washing off his makeup and hair gel. He was soaking wet!

Great time had by all! Thanks for the invite Amber, we had alot of fun.

I also want to mention right here, so I never one point during the party I was sitting around yacking with some other moms as the children ran around like crazy bangees. Chip takes a break from being a bangee and comes over to where we are sitting. His exact words "Mom, do you need me to get you anything? Do you want some pizza or a drink?" All moms within earshot gave a collective "Awww, that was so sweet!" That nice kid. When he is not pretend electrocuting me, arguing about hair gel or stabbing a pumpkin with gusto is a pretty sweet fella! I'm going to keep him.

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