Sunday, October 3, 2010

Something Close to Nothing

How can it be that I can walk 10 miles yesterday and 10 miles today and feel like I have not done a thing all weekend? Must mean I am enjoying those long walks with my girlfriends entirely too much!

This weekend has been so lovely and relaxing! Hubby and I got to go to dinner by ourselves on Friday night! Special shout out to the V Family for taking our guys to the football game! We went to Pei Wei and sat on the patio and had dinner. The weather was so lovely outside and I just enjoyed the company and the conversation so much. We don't do that nearly enough.

Saturday dawned another spectacular day. Took off at 7:30 and walked 10 miles with Connie. We solved all the world's problems and some of our own during our 2 hour and 45 minute walk. It is like therapy I swear. Took Hubby's Jeep in for new tires. Harold's football game was at 1:00. They put up another "W" and had some great plays. The rest of the day was spent loafing around reading and watching football. Made up some good snacks to eat while watching the Bama game. It was, of course an easy game to watch. Not unlike the normal nail biter that they usually put us through. Smiles all around.

This morning, I got in another 10 miler with Connie, Martha and Karen. We had some good laughs and the time and miles went by pretty quickly. We finished in 2:38 today so we shaved some time off our pace. Everyone should start their day walking, talking, laughing, breathing - GOOD STUFF! I am home now and we have a homework-a-thon under way at the dining room table.

I have a hankering for a pumpkin pie, so I might jet out to the store to pick up something to make for dinner and the ingredients for a pie. I am sure that counteracts all the good calories I burned yesterday and today, but pumpkin is a vegetable. Look it up. I am going to make a vegetable pie. Practically a health food junkie! Really must also do some laundry, brush a dog, sweep a floor - something that is choreish! Or maybe not!

Hope your weekend has been just as relaxing and enjoyable as mine!

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  1. Congratulations on the Bama win!! I was afraid my Gators were going to suck...they didn't let me down. LoL!!