Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Tomorrow morning I am giving a talk to the Philanthropic Educational Organization (PEO) here in the area. My neighbor, Francene, is a member and invited me to give a speech to the group at this month's meeting. Francene has been on the receiving end of all of my 3 Day 60 Mile walk emails and updates and thought her group would enjoy hearing about my adventure.

I am nervous. Most of you know that I have no problem writing down my feelings. Written words are safe. You can erase, backspace, delete, move, rearrange...make it all perfect well before anyone ever gets to see your thoughts. Now talking. I enjoy talking and few things rev me up more than talking about the 3 Day Walk. It is something I am passionate about, it moves me, I believe in it. Should be easy to talk about, right?

But in front of strangers??? The thought of that just makes me sweat.

I have been working on what I am going to say on and off all day today. Trying to get my thoughts in order so I don't jump around too much and get the message all jumbled up in and amongst random stories I might get sidetracked with. I thought I had a pretty good plan.

I just did a practice run through with Harry as my sole audience member. Speech last 31 minutes. That is perfect. A minute more than I am scheduled. I am sure tomorrow I will be even more nervous and will talk a little faster so I will probably shave that extra minute off no problem.

But get this...I CRIED. A LOT!! On the practice run!!!

What the heck? You can't cry when giving a speech! Who cries???? How embarrassing is that going to be? There was snot.

Please schedule me an additional minute or two to blow my nose.


Prayers for 10:00 tomorrow for me to be entertaining, informative, easy to understand, motivational and all that jazz! But mostly pray that I can keep my emotions in check. NO SNOT! That is really the kicker right there!!

Can't wait to tell you how it goes!

Wish me luck!!!


  1. Know you are going to do great, will definitely pray for you!

  2. So, how'd it go? Or are you still recovering? I totally understand why you cry. Heck, I cry when I look at your pictures or read your notes and I wasn't even there. It's a beautiful and moving journey. Hugs!