Monday, October 25, 2010

UWE - Underwear Wrestling Entertainment

Ladies and Gentlemen. May I have your attention please. Welcome to the Sunday Night Underwear Wrestling Entertainment Event.

In this corner, checking in with his awesome abs and a complete obsession with all things wrestling - its.......Chip!

IMPORTANT NOTE: This event was not planned. Chip was heading to bed at 9:00 p.m. on Sunday night when his Dad walked out of the kitchen dressed like this!!

And in this corner, the instigator of Underwear Wrestling Entertainment and Dad helping make a kids dream come true....its Cheetah Man.

Chip could not have been more thrilled to take on the challenge from Cheetah Man. They circled each other, sizing up the competition and then went in for the first strike.

Chip has Cheetah Man up against the ropes (or the ottoman - WHATEVER) and it looks like he could be in trouble.

Chip has Cheetah Man pinned and is giving him the business.

Chip jumps from the ropes to land an elbow right in the back of Cheetah Man. Cheetah Man is in serious trouble.

Oh no folks! The tables have turned. Cheetah Man has Chip in a shoulder carry.

Oh no, it is the dreaded Helicopter Spin move.

Is there any hope for Chip? Can he break out of this hold or will he be slammed to the mat?

Looks like Cheetah Man is going for the slam!

Poor Chip has been busted against the mat? Why is he still laughing?

He isn't laughing now! Cheetah Man is coming in for a bone crushing blow from the corner.

He leaps, but it looks like Chip is going to roll away!

Cheetah Man has Chip pinned. Is there any hope?

Chip has broken out of the hold. He has Cheetah Man's cape and is taunting Cheetah Man like a bullfighter.

Chip cries out for help and out of the locker room comes his brother, Skeletor to rescue. Oh no, Cheetah Man reacts with his cat like reflexes and Skeletor is subjected to the back breaker move.

Now he is going to get slammed. Chip looks like he just waiting for the tag. Tag me, Tag me, Right here Skeletor - reach out your hand and tag me in.

Chip is tagged in just in time to have the pile driver end this match for good. First round goes to Cheetah Man. He gets to keep his belt.

Walking up the stairs to actually go to bed after all of this unexpected sweating, laughing, fighting, and choreography Chip says to me "That was the best night of my life." Then he yells downstairs "Hey Dad, can I have a rematch tomorrow night?"

Chip has talked of nothing else since. I so wish I had taken a picture of the costume that he came up with for the re-match. It is hysterical. He got some entrance music going, the whole nine yards. Maybe I will catch some of the action tonight.

I predict I will need a new couch in about six months!


  1. Love this story and the pics! OMG!!! What a great family you have. And tell Brian he's got some nice muscles. ;o)

  2. You tell Chip, Skelton Man and whoever Cape Man, That Sticker Adonis is coming out of retirement! Agent setting up still cage match in SWA (Strachan Wreastling Associates).. Lol

  3. Michael "Stickman" StarchanOctober 30, 2010 at 7:40 PM

    Steel cage and association.. LOL

  4. Bring it, don't sing it !

  5. Before I make my comeback, must know Is there a Chamionship belt on the line in the WWUF? ( World Wrestling Underwear Federation).. If not staying retired!
    B, just thought of something. Calling PJ my tag team partner you should remember the T-Bird unddies we made at Drews age! Lol