Friday, October 8, 2010

Weekend in Review

We are enjoying a Sunday that feels alot like a Saturday because we don't have school tomorrow! Teacher work days rock!

Just have some random odds and ends to write about! First, here are a few pictures I took of Chip during his SeaWorld field trip. It was a lot of fun.

Trying to touch the dolphins.



Waiting on the Sea Lion show.

Mr. Bradley is a magnet for these kids. Especially the boys. I think it is so awesome that they get the chance to experience a male teacher at this age.

Friday night we went over to the V family household to help celebrate RV's 15th birthday! He can get his driver's permit!! Holy Cow! Where have the years gone? As always, we had lots of laughs playing games and visiting.

I got up Saturday morning and walked 10 miles with Connie. Our sweet team mate Martha met us halfway and brought us both a Heath Bar. That will keep your spirits high. Love her! What I don't love is that my feet hurt. Alot. How am I ever going to go 20 miles in a day? Only 27 more days till the real deal so I am running out of time to figure it out. Might try taping up my arches and going for a five mile walk tomorrow and see how they feel.

After my walk we had baseball and football games for the fellows later in the afternoon. Unfortunately, both boys played at the same time, so Hubby took Chip to baseball and I stayed with Harry at his football game. Both won their games and played well.

Next, we came home and watched Bama take a beating. I am somewhat relieved. It is so hard to have that #1 target on your back all season. The pressure those young boys must feel must be so stressful. Back to the drawing board and honestly I don't care if we win another game - EXCEPT FOR AUBURN. Must beat those Tigers! They sure look good so it will be a nail biter for sure!!!

We have knocked out homework this morning and plan to run some errands this afternoon. Going to head to the mall and see if I can help Harry find some jeans. Cooler weather will be here soon and nothing he wore last year fits him. It is always a challenge, but I think we are up for it!

I think we may have a "spend the night" being planned by the boys for this evening. It will be a nice way to celebrate the three day weekend. I might just sit upstairs and read all night. I have a couple of good books I am reading and having some quiet time to enjoy them sounds down right pleasant! With a nice glass of wine in my hand and it could be heavenly!
Hope your weekend has been great!

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