Friday, November 12, 2010

3 Day Walk - Day Two

I will start this by telling you right up front that Day Two was hard. It was 21.3 miles and it was hard. It started off good. Initial assessment upon waking up was that we were all a little stiff, a little sore, but nothing too terrible. With the exception of Karen, whose feet just never gave her a chance. Blisters don't tend to clear up in 8 hours of sleep. She was hurting. Megan's leg was sore, but also walkable. Brittany was hurting behind her knee as well, but up and out the door we went.

We had a wonderful free breakfast at the DoubleTree and then bundled up and headed over to camp to get started on our walk.

Brittany sporting her totally cute sock legwarmers! It was so easy to spot her in the crowd!

Callie threw together another winning outfit. I think her unitard was the only piece of clothing she wore that was actually hers. How in the world that girl can pull off an outfit like this and still look cute is beyond me!

We are short on walker on Day Two. Our sweet team mate Martha had a very important Super Bowl she had to attend for her youngest son. He was heartbroken that she was going to miss it - and we momma's are not into breaking our kids hearts. So instead, she drove three hours to see his game and drove three hours back to walk with us on Day Three. Such a stellar example of a selfless mom who tries to do it all for everyone. I love Martha.

Sun is up and we are on the course by about 7:45 a.m.! See the guy in the pink bra with no shirt on - totally makes me freeze just looking at him. He did say he had handwarmers in his bra, but I am telling you he still had to be FREEZING!

We walked with some pretty wonderful people. I recall on this early part of Day Two we talked with a couple of mother/daughter teams that camped out and they said they could not get warm all night and maybe slept about thirty minutes. In our group we were lock lipped about our lovely stay at the DoubleTree with hot showers, yummy beds and HEAT!!

Brittany finds her sweet hubby Rick at our first Pit Stop! It was so sweet to see her running over to him.

At the next cheering station, Connie and Brittany are blessed with a surprise visit from their family that lived in Dallas! Such a nice surprise!

On this day, when we were struggling a bit there were some hills, bridges and lots of crazy crooked, broken, twisted, uneven sidewalks to deal with. This pedestrian bridge over a major highway was a doozy.

But lo and behold, two sweet, sweet men set up a little table with Bloody Mary's!! The real deal! Fully loaded, with all the chopped up veggies, olives, pickles you heart could desire. I love me a Bloody Mary and could have put away 16 of these little dixie cups! I settled for one and it was just the boost I needed at that very moment. Funny how that happens.

Quick picture of the rows of port a potties. I don't know how they do it, but they keep these potties pretty darn clean and sparkly. Not nearly as bad as you imagine they might be! Especially since we were continually at the front of the pack! Sometimes I think we were the first users! The funny part is you always hesitate when you are done. Like you know there is an extra step of flushing that you don't do so you pause inside after you are done - it feels unfinished. Really hard to walk out of the door without flushing.

At this pit stop Megan's leg is really hurting so she gets in line for Medical attention. The medical folks are working sun up to sun down around here.

Megan shows him where it hurts and he wraps her knee up tight in an ace bandage and tells her to ice it and take ibuprofen at her earliest convenience. Thinks she has torn a muscle at the back of her calf. YIKES.

The neighborhoods on this day were decked out and we had lots of impromptu cheering stations. It really does give the walkers a boost, so if you ever have the opportunity to cheer for some walkers go out and give them a holler! We appreciate it more than you can imagine.

We made it to lunch. Let me tell you the last couple miles before lunch I was doing a tremendous amount of whining. It seemed like we would never get there and one tiny little dixie cup of Bloody Mary hardly numbs the nerves enough!

Brittany and Connie holding up pretty good.

Megan's knee hurts, but the ace bandage is helping.


This is Callie's foot covered in tons of vaseline and sock remnants! She didn't walk more than 3 miles before the walk and she didn't get one blister. It was a small vaseline miracle!

She was pooped and sore, but a quick little catnap at lunch seemed to help.

Velma and Shaggy in the Scooby Sweep Van. Warming up a little bit and we start shedding some layers.

We came up on this young girl carrying the Mother flag.

Her mom died in August of this year. She was walking for a cure. Gives me chill bumps just to type these words. I also remember a story from last year, not sure if it was on our walk or in another city but these two young girls walked with a pair of shoes thrown over their shoulder. It was their mom's shoes. She had been training with them and died just a few weeks before the walk, so they carried her shoes with them the entire 60 miles.

About five miles from camp Megan has to take off her ace bandage - too tight. We ask her if she needs a sweep van, but she presses on. Bound and determined to tough it out.
Assume the stop light position, Brittany. You just had to stretch - it felt so good.

Caught Megan doing the stop light stretch.

At the last pit stop of the day we walked through a little Rose Garden. We did stop and smell the roses, although the lovely scent was not hardly enough to take our mind off of the "OMG - my feet are killing me" thoughts that were running through our minds.

Karen finds a wall to try a new stretch. She will be so excited to see this picture I am sure!

This cardboard doctor was at lots of stops and was offering Free Breast Exams. I didn't see anyone take him up on it, but he certainly had his picture taken a number of times.

Finally, back to camp. It was hard. Really, really hard. Could not wait to sit down! We finished about 5:00 p.m. so that was a full 9 hours of walking. Dang.

We snapped this picture and walked right through camp and to our hotel. We did not pass go, we did not collect $200. We ordered pizza once we got to the hotel because it sounded so dang yummy to everyone. Showers were taken and fresh comfy clothes were put on. There was some ibuprofen popped and some feet rubbed and pampered.

By the time it was time to head back to camp for the show we had Martha back and we had smiles on our faces. Martha's son won the Super Bowl, so she was so happy to have been there to see it and share it with him. She came back and went into super caretaker mode for the rest of her fallen team mates. She met the pizza guy, got ice, fixed us drinks, basically did it all.

Picture in the lobby. This little old man was taking our picture and kept telling us to squish in, he couldn't get us all in the picture. One of us was whispering behind our smile "Take two steps back" - we all laughed and squished in more.

The big tent was packed for the dance party. Those of us from last year knew what was coming.

They got all the boy walkers up on the stage and told them to get us started. Our host Jenne poked a little fun at them and then we were off!

The girls get in on the action and we all started moving. So surprising how much better we felt when the music and dancing started.

Connie and Brittany getting it with the line dancing.
Karen's blisters hurt a little less in this party atmosphere!

Go Martha, Go Martha, Go Martha!!

Me and Callie on stage. It is a wonder I didn't pee my pants as hard as I was laughing.

After we danced, got hot and sweaty and loosened up we strolled back through the 3 Day city on the way back to the hotel. We stopped and shopped at the 3 Day store. I got in line to buy a coffee mug, but didn't have my credit card with me. Embarrassing. My teammates of course came to the rescue. Connie and Martha almost leg wrestled to pay for it for me. They are just the best.

Callie bought everyone a 3 Day picture frame. Can't wait to get a picture in it!

We laughted a lot, but my funny line of the evening came after shopping:

Me: Megan, what did you buy?

Megan: A hoodie, a koozie and a shirt. I almost bought a pair of pink 3 Day shoelaces, but then I remembered that I am never going to wear tennis shoes ever again and I put them back.

Cracked me up.

We hobbled back to the hotel for a good nights sleep! Tomorrow is the last day. Can't wait!

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