Tuesday, November 9, 2010

3 Day Walk - The Drive to Dallas

Thursday, November 4th dawned a beautiful day and I was scurrying around finishing up some work items, packing, tidying up the house and basically excited out of my skin that the walk was finally here! The plan was for Martha to start picking up team members at 4:45 p.m.

I made each of my girls one of these tags with their name on the front and all of our cell phone numbers on the back. I was totally "Martha Stewart" proud of these!

I ran out to pick up a few mini cupcakes to celebrate Karen's birthday on the drive up!

When I got back to the house I found these two giant pink bags full of goodies for us! Courtesy of our good friend and last year walker - Rebecca! She got us all slippers, ear covers, snacks, Kleenex, silver camping blankets, toilet seat covers, pink wine coolers - she thought of everything! Such a sweetie!

Martha was right on time to pick me up! She showed up in a pink lei and tiara and had one for all of us! We were just precious!

She had the windows of her Tahoe painted with "This is the Limo"!

One side window said "3 Days" and the other said...

"60 Miles"! YIKES - that is far!

My boys were so sad to see me pull away from the house. Actually, they were chest bumping in celebration as soon as I snapped this picture.

Next we picked up mother/daughter team mates, Connie and Brittany! They were raring to go! We shuffled around the stuff in the car, maybe the limo driver spilled half the cooler on the backseat, but we didn't care! Let's go!

The last stop was Beth's house where we were picking up her sister Karen! We pulled up and saw a tiny little party happening in Beth's front yard.

There were balloons and posters!

Look at these two giant baskets full of goodies our sweet friends gave us! Banana bread, zucchini bread, pumpkin bread, mints, candy, rose loofahs, beads, leis, stickers, nuts, tattoos, drinks, oranges, tons of stuff!

We are loaded down and ready to head to the Big D!!!

We were not even on the interstate very long when a real limo pulled up alongside of us. He signaled for us to roll our window down and yelled out "THIS is the limo!" We got a big kick out of that!

We met Callie and Megan at the Hyatt in Dallas. They had driven about 11 hours from Alabama to meet us for the walk. Introductions were made and then we all headed across the street to Panera bread for a late dinner.

It was a great choice. I had soup and salad and it was yummy!!!

Walking back to the Hyatt after dinner and Karen felt her earring fall out of her ear. We all stopped and did what people do these days - took out our cell phones and used them as flashlights. Megan, with her young eyes spotted the earring in the grass and saved the day!

Back at the hotel, Martha and I followed Callie and Megan over to the Doubletree Hotel, which would be our hotel for nights two and three. We left her car there so we would have some way to pick up Martha's car at the Hyatt after our day of walking. It was a logistics nightmare getting the cars moved, but we had a good plan. SIDE NOTE: All good plans can fail. More on that later.

We all pulled together our clothes for the next day and tried to keep in mind it was going to be a chilly 36 on Friday morning. BRRRR!!!

Callie is laughing in this picture because she brought a huge suitcase full of stuff, but had nothing to wear. Story of my life. We finally got her figured out!

Karen passed out buttons for us to bling out our walking gear!

We laid it all out so we didn't have to do much in the morning! Wake up call for 5:30 a.m.! Meeting in the lobby at 6:15 a.m. to get on the Shuttle to opening ceremonies!

Night girls! Get a good night's sleep because we are walking twenty miles tomorrow!! Woo Hoo!!

Next up, Days One, Two and Three of the walk and then I must, must, tell you about my morning at the spa this morning.

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