Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Halloween Festivities

I am going to start this off by saying that Peggy got me into so much trouble this Halloween weekend! It was the busiest, craziest Halloween I have ever experienced. She says it will keep me young. Let's see what you think.

Last year, she got BOO'd by Cindy. Which means Cindy and her family snuck over to Peggy's house and left a bag of treats and ding dong ditched them. For those of you older than me, that means they rang the doorbell and ran away.

Peggy saw them out of her window, so she decided to pull a little prank of her own and took this little pumpkin statue guy who made some freaky noises down to Cindy's house late at night.

Well, Cindy's family found it and they paid her back again. After Trick or Treating last year Peggy and I and all four of our boys left a few Halloween surprises for Cindy's family and ding dong ditched them. We also tried to TP someone's house and were caught. We are not so stealth with our planning.

Anyway, fast forward to this year. Peggy starts scheming way in advance. She wants to strike first this year and decorate Cindy's yard with something good. I came up with the idea of making tons of scarecrows to put in their yard.

Again, not sure how I got involved since I didn't get BOO'ed by either of them. Regardless I get wrapped up in this scheming and planning and my kids are all over it! Sneaking around late at night doing something evil - oh yeah, they are in big time.

So we met a couple of times and started putting together a bunch of scarecrows.

My dining room table was a disaster area.

But before long we had about nine or ten of these full grown scare people ready to go. Friday night before Halloween, at 12:30 in the morning we all head over to set up our decorations in Cindy's yard.

We thought we heard noises, was that light coming on? Is that a dog barking? All very sneaky and the boys loved it.

The next morning Cindy found her little scarecrow family and all their friends tied to trees, stuck in basketball goals, thrown on cars....and she laughed. Then she decided to retaliate.

Of course she found out that I was in on it this year so I found four scarecrows in my yard. Now, if I didn't think we were stealth, Cindy and her family practically brought a marching band with them. They were loud, Astro was barking his head off, and I watched the whole thing from the upstairs window.

I was laughing so hard as they were sneaking down the street with their supplies. Cindy was in high heeled boots....come on! You can't run in those.

I didn't want to spoil their fun, or give them a heart attack so I just went and got the phone and called Peggy. I gave her a play by play of what they were up to.

The best one was this guy driving Hubby's Jeep.

This is the ugly culprit that was used last year. He's weird. And because Cindy is Cindy, she of course left us a little bucket of treats. We didn't do that for her.

Once they finished my house, they headed for Peggy's and I stayed on the phone with her while she gave me a play by play of what they were doing in her yard. Once they were almost done, and were all gathered around her car trying to figure out where to put their last scarecrow she hit the unlock button on her car remote. She said they flew down the street like the devil himself was after them. We got such a good laugh out of that.

This will be a tradition that goes, on and on and on I am sure. We are already planning for next year.
We also had some traditional Halloween things to take care of like carving our pumpkin. We did it in a non-traditional way this year. How about using some power tools.

Harry and Chip gave this guy about 147 bullet holes.

It was kind of neat looking.

Soon the sun would be setting and the Trick or Treating could begin! Chip had a last minute costume change. He didn't want to be Whiplash because no one knew who Whiplash was.

He quickly became a baseball player and was outside ready to go!

Our neighbors got together for a little Halloween party out in the cul-de-sac. We went for a little while and enjoyed some appetizers, but we had a couple other items to take care of before it got dark.

But first, we had to pay a little trip to Cindy's sisters house. She is apparently the one who ratted us out to Cindy, so Peggy of course wanted to give her a little Halloween surprise.

For her, we decorated the yard with all "It's a Girl" stuff. She isn't having a girl, nor is she pregnant or ever again expected to be pregnant. That is what made it so funny to us!

See the baby's name? I need a bank to rob! Get it? We laughed ourselves silly in the Dollar Store when Peggy came up with that one.

Then we really did head out to find some kids. There was a big gathering down on the Circle and there was food galore! We ate well!

Here are the big kids just eating and hanging out. No trick or treating for them. They are too cool and too old.

Some of my sweet friends enjoying the food and company!

The weather was spectacular and we were really enjoying the evening.

Here are the little brothers. They are chomping at the bit to get going! There are lots of houses out here to hit and tons of candy that needs to be eaten!

Finally, we turn them loose and they went hard for an hour or so! Bags were full of candy, feet were sore and we had school tomorrow. We couldn't resist a few ding dong ditches as we headed home, but it was getting late and we FINALLY pulled the plug on this Halloween weekend. I was way more exhausted than the kids!

I hope that you had just a smidgen of the fun that we had this weekend! I think we will have a hard time topping this Halloween, but I guess it won't hurt to try.

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