Sunday, November 21, 2010

Warrior Dash

This weekend Hubby and Harold, along with some other good friends, took on the Warrior Dash race! It is a 3.2 mile run, sprinkled with 10 or 11 interesting challenges, like jumping over junk cars, climbing over a wall of hay bales, running up a mountain of old tires, hurdling fire and finally crawling through a huge pit of mud. Doesn't that sound like a terrific way to spend a Sunday morning?


Me either.

So the race was about an hour or so away from our house. We caravaned with the V Family and the H Family! In all, there were seven participants and 6 spectators. I was a spectator.

The gang heading over to the starting area.

Dad helps Harold pin on his race number!

All pinned and ready to go.

Chip warms them up for a boxing match. Not sure there is a boxing obstacle, but they should be ready regardless.

Our young spectators wearing the Warrior Dash signature hat. Each participant got one of these and a great shirt. Not sure why they didn't want to wear their hats during the race? Oh, well these kids look great in them!

Our family!

The H Family!

The V Family.

The race wave starts with huge flames shooting out of the top of the starting gate. Very dramatic - and HOT! You could feel the heat blast from many yards away!

We will call this the BEFORE picture. Keep it in mind.

And they are off!!!

This rope wall is one of the obstacles you can see from the starting line. After running all those miles they have to get up and over this rope wall.

Here are the fire hurdles. There were two of them - and it was REAL fire! Who dreams this stuff up? Is it safe?

Oh dear. This doesn't look very good either! Their is REAL barb wire over the top, so you have got to stay low in the mud to save your back from being sliced. We watch lots of participants that didn't do that and they were bleeding. FOR REAL - BLEEDING!

Here they come...all together....they cleared the fire hurdles and are now hurdling toward the massive mud pit. Please take a moment to see the guy at the left of the picture running in a Nacho Libre outfit. There were tons of hysterical costumes.

Andrew and Anne-Marie hit the mud first! Look at that beautiful girl! She is hard core! No fear of the mud! Her dad got a face full! That is RV's pants and blue shirt going in the mud on the far side. I missed a good picture of that little stinker on the far side. Nothing to bribe him with when he is older. You know I save pictures like this for the inevitable wedding slide show!

That is JV right in the center with a face full of mud! Peggy on all fours getting low, low, low to do the army crawl through the pit. That Boot Camp training paid off big time.

Hubby is in and here comes Harry!

Look at their faces! Doesn't it look like they are in an Army commercial or something? You can basically see the white of JV's eyes and that is all.

Hubby and JV got into a splashing match because they weren't dirty enough.

Yeah, I think he started it because he was already covered.

Peggy gets caught in the crossfire with a big splash across the face! Dumb boys.

They are almost out! I was clicking pictures, cracking up, yelling, it was super fun to be a spectator!

Disgusting to be a participant.

Heading to the finish line.

This is the AFTER picture. Wow! Head over to the shower hoses please!

Hosed off and a feeling a little better. There are still finding mud in places where mud shouldn't be. Thanks Dad for signing me up for this.

Look at Peggy's hair even after she went through the hose down! YIKES!

Donating their muddy shoes to a mountain of muddy shoes.

What a good time! Harry said the running part was the worst, but he really enjoyed the obstacles! Hubby loved it and even Chip said when he turns 14 he might be ready to give it a try. Weirdos.

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  1. I've heard these are really fun. A girlfriend of mine ran one for her ANNIVERSARY (total weirdos, those two). Love the pics!