Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas in Dixie

What a nice long blog break I have taken! I was starting to miss it terribly until I started trying to upload some of the gajillion pictures I took over the holidays. Two days later I finally have them all uploaded and can get on with this. Major frustrations!

SIDE NOTE: I am so sure that I am doing something so wrong or way harder than necessary to get these pictures uploaded into Blogger. Someone please, please tell me there is an easier way! If you are able to provide some advice, please be sure you talk real slow and make no assumptions that I have any technical expertise at all! Complete computer moron sitting right here!

Okay, enough of that. Let me first start by saying we had a lovely, lovely holiday break. I look forward to Christmas every year and although it does tend to get a little overwhelming it is still just my absolute favorite holiday.

Let's kick off the picture show with one of our family traditions. The making of sugar cookies. We made these the day before we left for our long road trip to Alabama in hopes that they would still be relatively fresh for Santa.

We rolled, and cut out and decorated seven or eight trays of cookies. I did not let the boys do their regular football helmet extravaganza because it requires 12 different colors of frosting and makes a larger mess than I wanted to deal with the night before going out of town. Upon hearing this news they ran upstairs yelling to their dad that I was cancelling Christmas.

I finally got them refocused and they did enjoy the traditional sprinkling of sugar and other toppings. They both usually end up making a couple that look like roadkill buried under a mound of sugar. This year was no exception.

Waiting for the beauties to come out of the oven. Can anyone tell me how they make sugar cookies that hold their shape? We put in the oven a Christmas tree cut out with a perfectly respectable cookie cutter and what we get out of the oven could not be identified as a Christmas tree for love or money. Even the star shapes turn out like some whacked out octagon or something. What gives?

Doesn't stop us from eating them, mind you, but would sure like to know how people get their cookies to hold their shape.

We finished up the cookies, packed, straightened the house and woke up the next morning at 5:30 a.m. to hit the road to Bama. Over thirteen hours later we pulled into Callie and George's driveway.
Why does Bama have to be so far from Texas?? Can we take out Mississippi or Louisiana and scootch it over a bit. Just three or four hundred miles closer would be outstanding. Thanks.

Callie's gang greeted us with much enthusiasm and love. So nice to be surrounding instantly by warmth and love and a super nice soft bed!! Makes the long drive worth every single mile.

The next day the boys, still in their jammies headed out to see what was new on the farm. They cranked up the old John Deere and took a tour. They love driving this mower. You would think it is a go cart or something.

They went in the house only long enough to put on some real clothes and then were back out with the trailer hitched to the mower. Now we are talking.

Next up, the BB gun made an appearance. They set up targets all over the property and did this for hours! It was great fun for them.

Look at this load of presents spread across Callie's living room. Are you kidding me? How many people are in this family?

Back outside, George got out the real deal and put some rounds in some poor innocent pumpkins. They didn't know what hit them.

Christmas Eve and the boys were back on the tractor making the rounds. We owe them some gas and some ammunition I am sure.

Out in the country, you occasionally have the neighbors puppy wander over for a visit. If you are an eight year old boy you immediately pick that sweet puppy up and carry him all over the place. Poor Biscuit.

Eventually I was able to get them to pose for a quick shot together. It's Christmas Eve - SANTA is coming tonight. That is plenty to smile about.

This is Callie's primary spoiled brat - Izzy! This little dog runs the place and has all of her people wrapped around her little paw! She sure is cute.

As the sun went down the real Christmas Eve fun started. My Mom and Dad, Sister (The Nice One) her husband and daughter came out to eat and visit with us on the farm. Callie fed us all way too much and even got a Gingerbread village for us to work on. It was a major group effort and kids and adults alike had fun decorating and gluing it together.

Once the bedtime hour drew closer the boys each got to open one Christmas Eve gift. Chip opened a Jeff Hardy glow in the dark figure. He loved it.

Harold opened a Mike Williams jersey. Also thrilled.

By 9:30 both boys were on an air mattress trying desperately to fall asleep. Chip was out pretty quick. It took Harry a little longer.

If we had known what time Chip was going to wake up, we would have all been in bed at 9:30!

At 4:07 a.m. the overhead light in our room was turned on and a sweet little person was frantically patting me and saying "Merry Christmas Mom. It is finally Christmas. Mom, wake up it is Christmas!" I rolled over looked at the clock and said "Chip, it is really early. Maybe you can lay down for a little longer."

With desperation in his eyes he enunciated each word slowly, clearly and forcefully "Get Out Of Bed".

He had waited all that he was able to wait. About this time, lights were going on all over the house. Doors were opening. People were grumbling "What time is it? Oh my God, it is 4:00"

Chip: "No, it is 4:07. Can I go downstairs? Can I?"

Callie, George, Malarie, Megan and Patrick could sense his desperation and were more than game to kick off Christmas morning in the middle of the night. We all made our way downstairs to see what Santa had left.

Chip was THRILLED with the abundance of wrestling toys the he found. Harold almost wept with joy when he saw that Santa had left him "Call of Duty - Black Ops". His mother has been opposed to the game for a long, long, time and FINALLY he will be free to shoot and pillage in his own home. He won't have to go to a friends house to do that. Merry Christmas son.

He was also terribly thrilled with the Trent Richardson/Mark Ingram autographed picture that Callie and George gave him. Sweet.

We got the girls a little something for a rainy day. Money in an umbrella. I think they liked it.

Hubby got a surprise gift from his main Wrestling Diva, Michelle McCool. She sent him over some Captain America underwear for his Underwear Wrestling Entertainment matches with Chip. Good times ahead.

About 5:30 a.m. someone glanced out the window and screamed "It's SNOWING!!!"

This was no dusting either - it was SNOWING! Big beautiful flakes that were sticking to everything.

By 6:30 or so we had rounded up warm weather gear for everyone and it was time to play in the snow!

Look how beautiful Callie's house is with a beautiful blanket of snow!

Malarie and Brett braving the elements. Funny, funny kids they are.

Patrick and Megan look like they are waiting on a ski lift! So cute.

Boys wrestling and a perfect snowman being built in the middle of the big Christmas tree.

Can you believe it is snowing this hard? Wanna throw a football? Is it even 7:00 yet?

Do you think my hands will thaw out in a little while so I can play Black Ops?

Took way too many pictures of the snow, but it was so dang pretty.

Awesome tree.

SNOWMAN!! Now you have to really appreciate this perfect snowman, because Alabama snowmen are notorious for having big wads of grass sticking out of them. They are normally, more brown than white, but not this one. The snow was thick and was the perfect snowman, snowball making kind of snow.

After frolicking and photographing a good long while we all headed back in for some breakfast pizza and chillaxin!

Chip poured over his WWE Encyclopedia.

We hooked up the XBox Kinect and played some games.

We were keeping an eye on the roads and decided about 10:30 that it was clear enough to head down to my mom and dads! There was snow everywhere, but the roads were driveable.

We walked into another mountain of presents and some amazing smells coming from the kitchen! We had a delicious lunch with three different kinds of turkey. I can't even tell you which one was best - they were all delicious!

The little people were outside most of the day putting together this gigantic snowball. They were frozen, but happy!

Back inside it was complete chaos as we opened gifts with twenty or so folks in the house. There was lots of love and laughter for everyone.

As it was getting closer to dark, a Severe Weather Warning was issued that said more snow was on the way. We needed to get back to the farm before everything iced up so we packed up a bit early and headed out.

Here is another picture of Callie's house. Isn't it so pretty? It was round two of dinner and I think just about everyone was in bed by 10:00. Getting up at 4:07 in the morning will put your butt to bed early!

Slept like a ROCK!!

The next morning dawned beautiful and the ducks and geese were still happy to be playing in the snow.

It was icy and cold but not cold enough to keep the kids inside. They took out their new BB Pistols and had some target practice.

Loading up.
Rapid fire.
Speaking of fire....we also burned things. What an awesome boycation it was.

When not outside, Chip was playing with these wrestling guys.
Hubby and Harold took off for Atlanta to see Monday Night Football. They stopped on the way at Talledega Speedway and got an up close and personal tour of the racetrack. It was really cool.
Downtown Hotlanta.

They had great seats and got to see a really good game.

Good bonding time. Me and Chip had fun bonding with the family while they were on their football adventure. Spent Monday at my parents looking through old pictures with my parents, sister and brother. Had lots of laughs!

Atlanta at night. Isn't it pretty?

The boys got back to Bama in time to help strategically pack the car to get all the loot back to Texas. There was not a square inch left to spare. We had a long drive back on Wednesday to wrap up our fun, fun holiday.

Will finish up this blog so I can get back to packing up the Christmas decorations and getting our house back to normal!

Hope your holidays were wonderful and your New Year full of nothing but the best!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Monday Night RAW

Chip's young childhood dream came true yesterday evening when he got to see, in person, up close, the Superstars of the World Wrestling Entertainment Monday Night RAW!

He was beyond excited. Has been counting down the hours since Friday. Woke up talking about it. Several times throughout the day yesterday he looked at me and said "I can't believe this is really happening."

Made me laugh.

Yesterday afternoon we started working on a poster for him to take to the match. On one side it had this:

Really. Awesome. Wrestling.

No doubt.

On the other side....

A message for The Miz, who thinks he is all that and a bag of chips. We don't like The Miz very much around here.

Oh yeah. The boys arrived about an hour before the doors opened and the line was long to get in.

He doesn't look excited at all, does he? What is this face? I am pretty sure I have never seen an expression like this on his face. Ever.

They are in and he is super excited.

A program.

It is underway!! Raise your poster Chip! Let them see you buddy!

John Cena comes out and the place goes wild. Cena's match was Chip's favorite!

It was over way too soon.

He then hit the WWE store and came home looking like this! I just cracked up!

He's cool!

Could barely wind down to go to sleep last night and woke up this morning still glowing from his experience. He said it was the best night of his life.

Merry WWE Christmas Chip! So glad you loved it!