Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Bob Chronicles - Ninth in a Series

Happy Tuesday all! I hope you are staying warm wherever you are! I thought it was time to dig through the archives for another Bob Chronicles post. This one is called Bob's Weight Loss Program. I am going to just cut and paste the actual email he sent to his family back in 2006 when he was trying to drop a few pounds. As the holidays approach I know we are all trying to keep our weight in check, so I thought this posting would be pretty timely.

Hope you enjoy!

Dear Family,

I would like to take this opportunity to share with you the results of the weight loss I have achieved in the past 3 weeks. I have lost a total of 7 pounds, mostly in the waist. Thank God.

This was not easy, as I had lots of support from family and friends. I would like to share with you how this was achieved. As most of you know it is no secret to losing weight so my plan might not be a surprise to any of you.

First and most important is be cautious as to WHAT you eat. By this I mean if it taste real good don't eat it.

Second is be cautious as to HOW MUCH you eat. This was my hardest task as I love food and I like to eat until I am full. (How strange is that) Well, after I learned that a Weight Watchers dinner was the correct amount to eat, I was shocked. For those who have never tried them they are delicious but the entire meal couldn't cover an area the size of the palm of you hand. This was hard to get used to so I ate apples to get some of the bulk my stomach required.

Exercise is next. You really have to devote a portion of your time each day to do some exercise, that as a minimum, brings out some sweat beads on your face.

Finally, and this is not documented in any other weight loss program, is to drink two Miller Lites at 10 PM each evening. These Barley Pop's help in reducing any pain you may experience from exercising. Will give you a full feeling, something that has haunted you all day long. Like Lenesta (sleep aid), it helps you get a good nights sleep. The 2 AM bathroom trip is one exception. I also believe, and this is not medically documented, that the Barley, Oats and Hops used in brewing Miller Lite work feverishly during your sleep in reducing calories.

I truly hope that those of you who want to lose a pound or two in the upcoming weeks use these proven ideas to bring you satisfactory results.

Good Luck

PS Sometimes it takes 3 Miller Lites to reduce pain and inflammation.


  1. Oh the memories! Speaking of which . . . I need to start some sort of diet plan. Seriously considering WW at first of year! Who all is willing to do it with me?

  2. I would love to but the drive to Nashville for the meetings would be impossible. Sorry....

  3. I wish you could figure a way to get rid of me haviing to type in words like....doomlyr, gonat, zeptorama. I even signed in using a google account. Anyway, I hate not to comment but those words and spellings drive me BBBEEEEEEZZZZZZZZZZEEEERRRRRKKKKKKKKK!

  4. does anyone know what holshar means?