Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Conversation with Chip

This morning Chip was having a bit of a rough start to his day. Here is how our conversation went down:

Mom: Good Morning Chip. Wake up sweetie. It is Wednesday. Only have a couple more days this week and school will be out for a long break.

Chip: I can't.

Mom: Can't what?

Chip: Can't go to school.

Mom: Why?

Chip: My side hurts, my thumb is still jammed and I think my head and eye hurt.

Mom: I'm sorry to hear that buddy. Let's go downstairs and lay on the couch and I will give you a Motrin with your breakfast.

Chip: No thanks. Is today the day that Harry gets out for a half a day?

Mom: Yes, I think it is.

Chip: This is so not fair. I have to go to school even though everything hurts and my thumb in jammed and Harry gets to only go for a half day.

Mom: Buddy, your turn will come when you are older and can exempt exams.

Chip: No it won't.

Mom: Should I just make Harry stay at school longer today so that it will be fair to you?

Chip: Can you do that?

Mom: No.

Chip: I hate this.

A little breakfast, some joking around with Dad and he turned his attitude around. Thank goodness.

Harry has an early release again tomorrow and is out all day on Friday. This is not going over well with Chip! It is hard to be eight!

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