Wednesday, December 15, 2010

It's a First...

I am done Christmas shopping. WHAT?? I know. I can hardly believe it myself.

Just look at the calendar. It is only December 16th! That has never happened before and will likely never happen again.

I am usually in a bit of a panic by this time in December. I do lots of my shopping on line because it is easy, the stores are always open, discount codes are the best, don't have to find a parking spot, I can comparison shop with just the few clicks of a button, most of my gifts have to get to Alabama one way or another so I figure I may as well ship them directly there instead of loading down the Suburban for the long drive. All that to tell you that I get lots of email traffic from on-line retailers. I am usually freaking out when I start getting emails like this:

Four days left to order on-line to with no shipping costs and still receive your purchase by December 24th

Today is your last day to order on-line with no shipping to still receive your purchase by December 24th.

Today is your last day to order with Express Shipping and still have your order arrive by December 24th.

AAACCCKKK, the heart starts racing, the lists are poured over, what else do I need to buy, who else needs a present?

This year I took a little bit different approach and I think it worked great. I started shopping early. Highly recommend that if you can. The real game changer though was this - if I saw something I thought would be a nice gift for someone I bought it right then and there. No coming back later. No shopping around for something a little better. No even a whole lot of comparison shopping either. See it. Like it. Buy it. Done. I think it might be the way to go!

I guess the jury is still out and the real test will be if people actually like what I got them!

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