Monday, December 6, 2010

Marking Things Off My List

Happy Monday morning all! I hope your weekend was wonderful and that you were as lucky as me and were able to mark TWO things off of your 50 Things To Do Before I Am 50 List (originally published June 29, 2010 and updated as I do them!)

That's right! I got to mark two things off my list.

1) First of all, I was able to anonymously pay for the meal of a service man in a restaurant! It was so exciting and one of those things on my list that I knew would be kind of hard to find the opportunity to be able to accomplish. Here is how it came together. Saturday afternoon Peggy calls and says they are going to go downtown to eat and then check out some happening Christmas light displays. She says they are going eat at this little Mexican place that is really tiny, looks totally run down, hole in the wall, old school, and goes on and on about how terrible it might be. How can you turn down that offer? Couldn't. So we all piled in the car and headed down there.

While waiting in the lobby to be seated I glanced through a window into the dining area and saw a military man in uniform eating by himself.

I turned around and excitedly whispered to our gang "OMG, this is my chance. I want to pay for that guys meal." They of course all said "DO IT!"

So I went up to the owner who was at the register and asked if I could anonymously pay for the gentleman's meal. He said "Of course" and went to the waiter and returned to me with his bill. It was only for $13, but it was so awesome!! I was so tickled to do that. I hope it made the service man feel as blessed as it made me feel.

Who would have known that opportunity would strike inside the tiny, run down, hole in the wall restaurant? It was perfect timing...and the food was pretty good too!!

2) For the second item, this morning I finished my first ever Bible Study. It was the Beth Moore "It's Tough Being a Woman" bible study that I have been studying it with friends in the neighborhood over the last ten weeks. I loved it. That Beth Moore is such a wonderful and inspirational speaker. Thoroughly enjoyed each session and can't wait to do the next one. We are hopefully going to start it after the holidays! A special shout out to my sweet friend Martha who led the group and is such a wonderful role model and inspiration to me!

Now there are some things that did not go quite as well this morning, like my stupid run. I felt like I had concrete cinder blocks on my feet this morning. Every step was torture. It didn't help that it was 32 degrees outside either. Hopefully Wednesday will be much better for me.

Lots of things to do today. Work is piling up and not doing itself, so I must sign off and give it my undivided attention.

I hope something wonderful happens to you today!!

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