Friday, December 10, 2010

Perfect Third Grade Friday

Campus Wide Sing-A-Long of Christmas carols

Lunch Bunch - All the kids in the class got to celebrate mastering their multiplication facts by eating lunch in the classroom with Mr. Bradley.

Ice Cream Party - Super awesome treat Mr. Bradley gave them for all their hard work on multiplication facts. Chip's creation - Chocolate ice cream, chocolate syrup, multi-colored sprinkles, gummy bears covered with root beer. Iiiicccckkkk! He loved it.

Music - Awesome music baseball game played with Christmas carols

PE - Fun game of crab soccer

Classroom Spelling Bee - Chip placed fifth out of his class. Last boy standing. He was so proud.

Pootie is over playing right now and WWE Friday Night Smackdown comes on at 7:00.

Could just be the best day ever!!

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