Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Ten Totally Random Tidbits

Happy Tuesday everyone! Trying to get back into an EVERY day posting habit! YES, mom I hear you!!! To make that a little easier I thought I would do a quick little "Ten Totally Random Tidbits" segment since I am feeling pretty random today.

1. I'm freezing in my own house. I have on long sleeve cuddle duds under my exercise clothes, have hot coffee in my hand and a big fleece blanket wrapped around me. Can't get warm and it is only 40 degrees outside. Need to toughen up a bit.

2. Making good progress on Christmas shopping. Just a few more things to pick up and I will be done! Yeah! I read a funny thing yesterday that said "I have so much to do, but I am just paralyzed reading my "To Do" list over and over again." Made me laugh because it is totally me. I have lists on top of lists and can't hardly get anything done for updating, creating, crossing off my list. It is working for me though. Whittling down.

3. Kids are counting down the days until school is out for the holidays. Don't you just miss those days? I do.

4. On our run yesterday morning we saw a fox crossing the road. Heard an owl this morning. Love wildlife sightings even though they scare me a bit.

5. Exercise plans these days - Monday - Wednesday - Friday are designated for running. It is so hard. There are five or six of us running and "you know who" is way at the back of the pack. Got to figure out the breathing thing. We are running and walking, but ultimately trying to do all running with no stopping. Can't even imagine in my wildest dreams it will ever be possible. On Tuesday and Thursday we are walking. I love Tuesday and Thursday. I want to love Monday - Wednesday - Friday, but they hurt me so I don't. All done at 5:45 in the morning. By Saturday I am desperate for sleep.

6. Looking into using a different Blogging platform to see if I can find one that uploads pictures faster and easier. If anyone out there using anything besides Blogger that works well, give me a shout.

7. I love hot baths. Especially if they come with a good book and a glass of wine. I am sure that popped into my head because I am freezing.

Let's see....what else is rattling around up there.....

8. My latest blood work came back EXCELLENT! The doctor said I was "golden". Finally! Now let's just hope we can maintain this status for another 40 or 50 years.

9. Junk drawer. How many junk drawers do you have in your kitchen? Seems to me like random junk should just be contained in one drawer. I have four. Isn't that excessive? Sometimes the kids will ask me where something is and I will say "Check the junk drawer." They always holler back "Which one?" Sad.

10. I had a Thai Crunch Salad at California Pizza Kitchen over the weekend and it was delicious. I have thought about it more than once since then. THAT is saying something for a salad! It was yummy! Can't wait to go back!

So there it is. Totally random and useless information for you. I hope you are still awake.

Have an awesome Tuesday! If you are awake tomorrow at 5:45 a.m. think "Light feet, full lungs, quiet breathing, and feet that don't feel like they are cinder blocks" thoughts for me. I would sure appreciate it. Thanks.

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