Friday, December 3, 2010

Thanksgiving - FINALLY

This is going to be short and sweet! I uploaded so many photos that they will have to tell the story of our awesome Thanksgiving holiday!

Here we go!

I'm leaving on a jet plane, don't know when I'll be back again.....

I actually do know when we will be back, but that song is stuck in my head.

My boys are such great travellers - they can find their way around most airports and know the security drill better than me. Thankfully, no one was body scanned or groped in our group - but for the safety of the flight they can feel me up, down and all around.

I wasn't going to write much, but I just have to tell ya'll about the airport on the busiest travel day of the year. We pulled into the parking lot, walking directly to the shuttle which was waiting for us, dropped at the front door of Continental airlines, walked right up to the desk. NO ONE - NOT ONE SINGLE PERSON was in line at Continental. That has never happened before. Checked in, walked over to security and walked right up to the ID checker guy. NO ONE - NOT ONE SINGLE PERSON in line at Security. It was weird.

So I made us get to the airport 2 hours early to deal with all the holiday traffic and of course there was nothing. Go figure.

Recharging the iPad for airplane entertainment.

We arrived in Bama and grabbed a quick dinner at Krystals with Mer and Grandpa and then headed out to Callie's to spend the night. Callie's hubby George met me in the driveway with a giant Bloody Mary. I love George. Callie had a lovely guest room set up for us with a gigantic gift basket. So thoughtful.

They got Chip a wrestling guy - The Big Show! He loved it.

Harold got an autographed Trent Richardson card. He loved it.

I got booze. Of course, I loved it.

Me with our sweet nieces. They are such awesome young ladies.

I won't bore you with the details of me drinking two more giant Bloody Mary's and perhaps breaking into my wine. I was not feeling any pain and slept like a hibernating bear. Just ask my hubby, I snored like a lumberjack all night long and he got no sleep.
The next morning the boys were up and at'em early. Burning off some calories so they could eat all day long.

First meal is lunch at my mom and dad's house. We walked in and it smelled wonderful.

Look at that beautiful bird.

Harry had to cook a recipe for his English class. Green bean bundles! YUM-O!

The turkey is done! Takes two people to get this big bird out of the oven. Twenty three pounds of loveliness.

I was very excited about the turkey. I took lots of picture of it.

The good stuff in the bottom of the pan that makes the most amazing gravy. It's like magic.

The perfect thanksgiving plate.

It belonged to Toby (my sister's oldest son), shown here with his sweetheart Brittany. Her plate looks white like all the boys in my family.

The Nice One (my sister), Mario (her hubby) and The Queen (my niece) were in Cleveland for Thanksgiving. We missed them! Need more estrogen around here!

After dinner it was time for some touch football in the side yard. Ask any of these six grandboys what there favorite part of Thanksgiving is and they will all say the football game.

There is strategy.

Lots of big effort.



This is Hasselhoff (my sister's youngest son). He has grown so dang much that Guck (my brother....keep up people) started calling him G-Raff. It is rapper slang for "giraffe". Fits him perfectly.

This is the hockey lover. We will call him Penguin. He wants to be one. Badly. Not the animal kind but the Pittsburgh kind.

This is Chuck. He is sweet off the field, but like a little man with a mission on the field. That is my nice way of saying...this boy doesn't like to lose. At anything. Ever.

Guck and his two boys. What's the strategy guys? Ya'll just run around like crazy until you get open and I will stand here and throw it. Funny how Guck isn't so sweaty. All time quarterback for his team is a sweet deal. Hubby got that gig for the other team.

Toby! College boy. All grown up with facial hair and everything. It's weird. We had a little surprise birthday party for him after the football game.

Then it was on to the Thanksgiving Sports Challenge. Not sure what happened to my sweet Chip here. He is having a little trouble standing up!

First game, throw a football and hit the bucket off of the trashcan. Surprisingly, much harder than you would think. Hubby was a judge.

Let's go Chip.

Guck was the ball return guy. All footballs thrown over the fence were his. While waiting on stray balls he entertained himself by putting tiny pine cones in his nose. Who wouldn't love this guy? Try not to love him. Impossible.

Next up, a punting game. My boys had real trouble with this one. They are going to punting camp over the Christmas break. Kidding. But seriously, they need some work.

Here is where the day took a turn for Chip. The next game was throwing up a ball and hitting it with a plastic bat - a little backyard home run derby if you will. Chip took his turn and then was waiting by the deck while Harry took his turn. The bat slipped out of Harry's hand and went flying into Chip's head.

OUCH! It hurt. Had to call in for a medic - ice - cold wash cloth - and an ice pop. Why is it that sucking on an ice pop can make your boo boo feel better? I don't know, but it works. Scientifically proven by mother's everywhere.

More games - whiffle ball catch, hockey puck shooting, basketball shooting, etc.

Cute picture of these two young loves.

I was kind of the assistant to the commissioner and was authorized to hand out the monetary prizes. G-Raff won the top prize cause he is a giant and enormously gifted in all things athletic.

Next up, the indoor challenge for the adults was a spelling bee. I totally thought I would rock this, but I stunk it up. My husband beat me. That is just all kinds of wrong.
After we wrapped up the games we headed back out to Callie's for Thanksgiving dinner. We ate, and ate and ate and ate. I was apparently in a turkey and gravy induced coma because I didn't take one stinking picture that evening.

So the next day we wake up to a beautiful freezing Friday. Callie and her girls and my hubby did the Black Friday shopping thing. Headed out at 4:00 a.m. Crazy people!

Me and the boys headed back down to my mom and dad's house for leftovers and football. Look at the tiny portion of turkey left over. NOTHING. We fed 19 people and they ate apparently!

So we did the next best thing and ordered pizza.

Then we settled in to watch the Bama game. Danced and partied the whole first half, then sobbed and cussed the second half. Heartbreaking.

Back out to the farm and the wildlife. On our way to Bama George had called and told us his chickens had been eaten by something wild. Chip looks at me and says "That is a bad farm. They need a fence."

On Saturday afternoon we took the boys to the Space and Rocket Center. Hubby and I hadn't been in years and years and they had never been. The kid with them is our nephew Alex. He's 12. Not even 12 1/2 yet. Just 12. He is as sweet and polite as he is tall.

The Space Center was very quiet and we had the run of the place. They have a new museum section that was really fabulous.

A full scale Saturn V rocket inside. HUGE!

Moon landing. Sweet.

Chip - 8. Harry - 14. Alex - 12.

Love this picture of my boys - even with Chip's injury.

Outside they were drawn to the Army stuff. Looks like they are living some Black Ops Call of Duty.

Full scale replica of the shuttle. HUGE and awesome.

We had such a wonderful weekend. Ate to much. Laughed alot. GOOD TIMES!

I can't wait till Christmas! I just remembered I said this was going to be short and sweet. That's funny!


  1. I hope everyone enjoyed this blog as much as we did. You are the BEST at pictures and captions. Thanks for capturing a fabulous holidy.

  2. OMG! I laughed out loud! LOVED the photos and the captions!