Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Three Days in a Row - Woo Hoo!

Hello all. Look at me...blogging three days in a row! What mindless drivel can I bore you with today? Let's see...

We can start with my run this morning which was a little better, although still not even slightly enjoyable. I took some music to plug in my ears so that I couldn't hear my frantic breathing. It helped. It did seem kinda rude to pop in the ear plugs while running with my four gal pals, but it really did help! Went a little farther, felt a little better so we are going to call it progress. Little, itsy bitsy progress. My butt and legs are sore so I am sure that is good news.

Now let's cover some bad news because I really need to vent. My computer is so jacked up it is not funny. Not remotely funny. The internet keeps dropping. ALOT. I have unplugged the cable thingy, the wireless thingy and turned my computer on and off too many times to count. So many in fact that now my desktop has a "Restore Active Desktop?" message permanently displayed. If I hit the Restore button it tells me it can't. Sad. You can only imagine how handy the cable dropping off situation is on my work computer. Super fun. I love getting logged in, about half way through with a funding action, only for the whole thing to freeze up without cable. It is great for testing your patience. I am failing the test. Big time.

Planning to knock out the last few items on my "TO DO" list this weekend so I can get to the best part of Christmas that is baking cookies, watching Christmas classics like Rudolph, staring at the tree with a hot cup of tea, snuggled up on the couch with the family.

It is calling to me to sit and stare! I am a great sitter and a pretty awesome starer if I do say so myself!

I am having a really strong urge to make something, create something crafty. What it is? I have no clue. Maybe destroying the kitchen making sugar cookies will cure me! Otherwise I am going to have to find something to paint, sew, glue and/or bedazzle! Watch out Hobby Lobby!

I am happy that the cable held up enough for me to finish writing this. I now need to get to work while the cable is still connected! Early release day for elementary school! Chip is so happy!

Have a great day friends!

P.S. What do you think of the new blog background? Seemed kind of holiday lightish to me so I went with it!


  1. What happened to Thursday's blog entry? You celebrated too soon, didn't you. LoL! =)