Monday, December 13, 2010

Weekend Highlights

Weekend was great, as most weekends tend to be! Came and went way too fast!

Here are a couple of the highlights:

I did a craft project! I can't tell you what it is because it is a gift for someone who might check in here, but it was fun and took care of that crafting itch I had.

Finished up all the Christmas cards. Always a big job that I enjoy, but nice to have it done.

Harold is prepping for his final semester exams this week. By prepping I mean that he is trying to figure out which classes to exempt so he can go in late, come home early and if all the stars align correctly he can have Friday off. Add to that trying to coordinate that schedule with his friends and it is a full time job. I did reel him in a little yesterday and told him perhaps he should actually complete the class reviews and study some notes. He did. Grudgingly. Very, very grudgingly!

Chip finished up his Kid's Marathon challenge. Over the last couple months he has logged 26 miles on his chart. He was super proud to take in his paper with all his miles logged this morning!

We let the boys open a Christmas present yesterday afternoon. We got Chip tickets to see the World Wrestling Entertainment Monday Night Raw show that is coming to town before Christmas. He is OVER the moon. Talking about what posters he can make and who might be fighting who that night. I hope it is all he wants it to be and more.

Harold also got to open a present early, even though his event isn't until after Christmas. He is going to go to a Monday Night Football game with his Dad in Atlanta. He was totally psyched about it. They will both enjoy that little adventure together!

We also did some shopping, washed a mountain of laundry and mostly just hung out at the house. It was nice.

Christmas shopping is just about done. Only one or two more things to pick up and we are FINISHED! So excited!

Must make a run to the grocery store to restock the fridge and pantry today. I put it off long enough and we now have no food. Trying to think of a nice, warm, yummy dinner for a cold winter night. What about Chicken Pot Pie? That sounds so good to me!

Let's finish this post up with a quick chat about how CHILLY it is in our neck of the woods. It was 29 degrees this morning on our run. BRRRRRRRR....... How was my run you ask? First of all, thank you for asking. Secondly, it was not bad! It wasn't as good as Friday, but wasn't nearly as bad as last Monday. We are going to call that progress and hope that Wednesday is a bit warmer and a bit easier to run!

I hope you have a productive week and find a little time everyday to enjoy the fun and festivities of the season! Our week is looking pretty busy, but lots of fun events to look forward to! Can't wait to share them with you!

Have a great day!

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