Tuesday, January 25, 2011

*Beep* in the Cell

Any idea what this is? Take a close look.

It is a cell.

For wrestlers.

Are you surprised?

In real life, a match held in this cage is called "Hell in the Cell". Well Chip can't say "Hell" so he calls it "Beep in the Cell". That is how he wrote it on his Christmas list to Santa.

It was way high up on Chip's Christmas list, but Santa got him a cell cage without a top.

Stupid Santa.

Chip fortunately also got some money for Christmas. It was unfortunately burning a hole in his pocket.

He NEEDED this contraption to go with his other four wrestling rings he already owned.

Apparently, it is very critical to have the top, so wrestlers can be slung off, kicked through, punched down, etc...

Here is a better view of the amazing top. One side has a trap door and the other is a launching platform where unsuspecting wrestlers can be slung half way across the room if they are not careful.

He found this "toy" on ebay and he had plenty of money to get it.

He begged. We declined. We explained. We tried to convince him he didn't need it. He persisted. He used the "It's my money" card.

He was right. We relented.

The order was placed on January 13th at approximately 8:30 p.m. and it clearly stated that it would take 10 - 14 days to ship. He was fine with that before we hit the pay button.

As soon as the pay button was pressed however...within mere seconds I think...he started asking when it would come. When would it get here? Did I think it would be tomorrow? Would it come while he was at school on Friday? Did I think it would come by Federal Express, Pony Express, UPS, US Postal and/or hot air balloon, tank, delivered by a cowboy, driven in person by the person who sold it? Would it come Saturday? What day did I really think it would come? What if he was at basketball? Then what? Would they leave it? Would it be too big to put on the porch? What if they didn't leave it? Where could we pick it up? Could we go the same night as we missed delivery or would we have to wait until the next day?

He asked a few questions.

Then he went to bed, woke up and asked them again.


By Monday afternoon, five days after he had placed the order, I thought we might have to have him committed to a loony bin. He did not understand what was taking so long. Then it was another five days.


By Saturday, I thought I might have to be committed to loony bin.

Then it came on Saturday. He was at basketball, but they left it on the porch.

To say he was euphoric would be the understatement of the century. He was beyond thrilled. Screaming, dancing, prancing, shouting, running in circles, JOYFUL!

We opened it, put it together and wrestlers have been going at it ever since.

He made a sign for it after school yesterday. It says "Hell in the Cell" (he asked if he could write the word Hell, but not say it) WWE Paper View.

Yeah, you read that right "Paper View". That what he thinks they are saying when they say "Pay Per View" on TV. We all got a chuckle out of that.

He loves it. Best toy ever.

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