Friday, January 7, 2011

Big News

I started.
First: Relief
Followed shortly by: Cramps
Enough said.
More than enough said really.

Anyways, in more exciting and a significantly less personal news:

I had a new running personal best this morning.

SIDENOTE: If you are new around here, please don't think for a minute that "running" means anything other than a really, really slow jog. For purposes of this blog though we are just going to call it running. Even though it is just barely running. So barely am I running that sometimes I think I have stopped and have to look at the landscape to make sure trees and houses are still being passed. Still, it is not walking and therefore it is running. Wonder how long I will keep putting in this disclaimer before I just allow myself to just call it running?

Now that we are clear.

I did about 1.3 without stopping!! Woo Hoo! Did a couple of other decent bursts of running on our 3 mile track but that is my longest to date without stopping! I even talked some! Didn't have to have my music to drowned out my gasping, struggling, breathing issues. That is just one week after getting back to it after the Christmas holidays! So excited. I really think in the next couple of weeks I might be able to put the whole 3 miles together. Won't that be so awesome?

There is this one little hill that has me worried. It is more of an incline really, but you can sure tell when you are running that it is uphill. I can't wait till I run up that sucker! That will be a major accomplishment!

Must log off to go find the Aleve! I do have another post to put up shortly about Chip's future profession. Check back in a bit!

Hope your Friday rocks!

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  1. Congratulations! I hate to run. I will never like to run. Walking is nice and you can walk pretty fast.