Monday, January 3, 2011

Capital One Bowl

Happy New Year!! Welcome 2011! I can't wait to see what you have in store for me! I know it is going to be awesome! So far, so good! I hope your new year has been as full of purging and cleaning and sorting and organizing as mine has! I have been a mad woman around the house and it feels so good! I love to purge! That will have to be another post all of its own!

Let's get right to the topic at hand! The Capital One Bowl!

As is their tradition of about five years, Hubby and Harold have gone to a college bowl game. Games in the past have been a little closer to home and usually include the Alabama Crimson Tide, but this year to follow Bama they would have to go a little bigger and better. They went to Orlando to see the Tide play in the Capital One bowl!

If you are not an Alabama fan, you might want to just close this post now and come back later for some titillating conversation about our welcome home, Chip's new men and/or the new and improved linen closet. I know, exciting right?

For now, let's recap the boys football adventure!

They flew out on Friday afternoon. That in itself was complicated with four delays and a plane being held for them in Houston, but they made it to Orlando by midnight or so.

When they arrive in Orlando the smart, smart, genius, must be working on commission car rental fellow talked them into a bit of an upgrade for just a few bucks. They were driving around in a Dodge Challenger, which Harold thought was the coolest!

Yeah, just hanging by the pool in Orlando on New Year's Day waiting to head over to the ball game. A great way to bring in the new year.

Matching jerseys. Aren't they cute?

They head over to the Florida Citrus Bowl to enjoy the pre-game festivities.

Signs and banners were everywhere. Weather was a balmy 80 degrees.

They get to watch the Bama boys walk you see Julio dead center of this picture? They also watch Michigan walk in, but I don't know any of those boys.

Next, they spent some time at the Fan Zone!

Here is Harold trying out the accuracy throw. Nice spiral.

Here is the Trojan mascot, he looks pretty cool.

They got to see the big football semi-trucks. Obviously, this is Michigan State's.

And here is Bama's! Isn't it cool? I don't know why I love all this pre-game stuff, but I sure do.

Guys with the truck.

Inside the field they met up with Hubby's brother and his family who drove down from Bama for the game. Big smiles all around!

More matching jerseys for Harold and A-Rod.

Checking out the warm-ups.

It is about to get loud in here!

Sweet gloves!

Here comes the Tide!

What a gorgeous day they had for football. During the pre-game they were playing Sweet Home Alabama! Got to love that!

Now let's get on with the real deal!

Here comes the Tide! On your feet fans!

Big boys taking the field.

Everyone is fired up!

Great shots with the new Nikon camera!

Look at this defensive shot. That poor QB was on the ground all day.

Halftime and Bama is up big! Makes it so much easier to watch than their normal nail biter!

The Million Dollar Band - with some cheerleaders doing flips.

Cool shot of a Michigan State fan helmet. How would you like to be the guy sitting behind him?

Toward the end of the game, fourth string Lacy got some playing time and scored a touchdown. The first, second and third string backs are meeting him at the sideline for a high five. I am sure we will see much more of Lacy next year!

Game over! Bama wins 49 - 7! Rammer Jammer Yellow Hammer - give 'em hell Alabama!! Dad, do you have chills bumps right now?? I know you do.

Mark Ingram carrying the Bama flag for what might be his last college game. I would sure love to see him back next year, but we will have to wait and see!

Is this kid happy or what? Great year Richardson! Looking forward to seeing him run next year!

A cool, calm, smart QB. Class act. Goodbye McElroy. I will miss you!

After the game the boys and their parents headed over to Universal City to grab a bite to eat.

They ended up at the NBA City Restaurant, which was really cool. Not sure about the food, but after a big football day with an Alabama win everything probably tastes good.

Hubby and Harold flew home early on Sunday morning and got home in plenty of time to help me put up all the Christmas decorations in the attic! Lucky dogs!

It was a great trip for them. Loved the game, the outcome, the location, just everything was terrific! The end of another great season by Alabama. Not sure what their final record was, but most definitely won more than they lost and finished with a superb bowl game.

One last ROLL TIDE ROLL before we close the books on the college football year!!

Must end this post with a huge shout out to my "Technical Expert", also known around these parts as Hubby. He figured out a much faster, easier way for me to load pictures into my blog! YAY!!! Went from taking me three days to upload 30 pictures to taking me about three minutes. Huge improvement and hopefully that means less delays and more pictures in the future!

You may also notice a new ad area at the top of my blog. Hubby added that in the brief few minutes I gave him my password! He's always working the deal! Anyway, according to my calculations if each of my six followers click on the ad 7,354 times each I will get a nickel!

Not going to be retiring any time soon! Speaking of that....must get to work!

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  1. Dang should have come with him. We could have hung out all day. That's maybe 45 minutes from me. Next time!