Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Chickens and Turkeys

Remember that little art project I mentioned before Christmas? No? Well, you must not be paying attention! That is one blog demerit if you have no idea what art project I am rambling on about.

If you are currently screaming at the screen that you DO know and DO remember my previous post, please award yourself $200 in Monopoly money. Thanks for reading so carefully.

For any potential slackers, let me refresh your memory. Before Christmas I wrote here that I had a hankering to do something crafty. I wanted to paint something, weave a rug, blow glass, refinish a chair...something creative. It happens occasionally.

Lo and behold, the opportunity was dropped right in my lap while we were in Alabama for Thanksgiving. Upon arriving at Callie and George's "farm" we found out that their recently acquired chickens were killed or dead or eaten or something. That kind of thing happens on farms. These folks have lost ducks, cats, rabbits and various other farmish animals.

When I relayed the news to the boys Chip said "Mom, that is a bad farm. They need a better fence."

Of course I shared his statement with Callie and George and they got a big laugh out of it and said "That should be the name of our place. The Bad Farm."

So for Christmas we decided to make them a sign. We had lots of fun tossing around ideas. Here it the finished product:

Can you tell those are chickens? Or maybe they are roosters? For sure, they look like fowl, right?

What about the windmill? You knew it was a windmill, didn't you? George is an Aeromotor Sales Rep and big time into windmills.

I thought I did a bang up job on the original canvas painting.

They laughed so hard when we gave it to them. I told them to hang it in the garage, although there was some talk of hanging it in their dining room. I do hope they put it in a place that not too many people will see it.

Heaven knows I don't want to be bombarded with requests to paint signs for lots of people.

Hardee, har, har...crack myself up.

On the same fowl track, this is a turkey platter. This platter was pulled from the trash by my sweet Hubby when he was nine years old. Yes, he pulled it from a pile of trash that someone in his neighborhood had left out for garbage pickup.

His mom washed it, and has used it for Thanksgiving and Christmas every year since then.

Hubby is 45, so that means this Turkey Platter has been in use for 36 years.

That is a very productive life for a turkey platter that was on its way to the dumpster.

Hubby told Callie when she dies, he gets the platter. I am sure there will be a huge family fight over this one, so we will probably put his name on the back of it with some masking tape to lay claim to this family heirloom. Don't want there to be any question who gets this glorious platter forty years from now. They tried to look up a similar platter on Ebay this past Christmas and I think this beauty is fetching $21 or better. No telling what it will be worth in forty years.

Here is something that is priceless right now. Pictures of my two turkeys. I am fooling around with PhotoShop and learning more and more every day.

Made this picture black and white, lightened the shadows and removed a facial blemish (alright, it was a zit) from Harold's chin. I could play with PhotoShop for hours. There are so many buttons and so many special effects you can use. It will take me years to figure it out. Super cool. Anyone else out there love PhotoShop?

That is all for now.

Have a great day!

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