Friday, January 7, 2011

He Might Be a Lawyer

Yesterday Chip comes out of school with this scroll document rolled up in his hand. He forgot his backpack and had to go back in for that but this document was rolled precisely and gripped in his hot little hand. It appeared to be a roll of paper towels, which was kind of weird.

I said "What do you have there?"
He said "You'll see."

I kind of forgot about it with the run back into school to retrieve the back pack and all, but later came to find out what this important document was. First, it was a roll of paper towels. Not sure if there is a paper shortage at school or if he stole it from the bathroom for a reason.

Anyway....back to the important document.

It was a contract.

That is what he called it.

A play contract. A contract he wanted to put into use by immediately calling his best friend Pootie so they could execute and implement the contract.

I didn't think much about it as Chip unrolled it on the table and dutifully checked off Item 1, before looking at me and saying "Can I call Pootie? It is Item 2."


Thankfully, Pootie was available and came right over. By 3:05, they were going over the contract together. Let me say right here that Pootie is a saint for putting up with this kid.

This is what I hear from the laundry room: "Sign here. Sign here. Sign here. Sign here. Sign here."

I thought they were signing a mortgage loan.

Later, I discretely kidnapped the contract while they were outside completing Item 3 and took a closer look.

Made me laugh so I had to share it with you.

It is hard to read, so I will provide a transcript below:

D - Dave (previously Pootie)
C - Chip
1. leave school 2:45
2. see if Dave can come over 3:00
3. play outside with Dave when Dave is here
4. play xbox with Dave (scratched through and replaced with "watch movie")
5. drink and snack and xbox while playing 2011
6. play with rings if done 2011 (scratched through and replaced with "I don't know")
7. iPad maybe hot cocoa when done with rings maybe
8. Pootie's choice

Sign here___________ Sign here _____________
Sign here___________ Sign here _____________

Sign here_____________

Sign here___________

Sign here___________ Sign here_____________
Sign here___________

Sign here___________

Sign here____________ Sign here_____________
Sign here____________

Sign here_____________

I can't decide what tickles me more. 1) That there are so many places to sign. 2) That they both signed in every available area. 3) They checked off each item as they finished them. 4) That Chip has a list that actually has "I don't know" as an item. 5) That there is a "Pootie's choice".

I asked Chip later why they had to sign in so many places. He said "It's like the contract in Cat in the Hat. You know the part where Cat says sign here, here, here, here and here."

So I am thinking maybe he is going to be a lawyer or a really big fake cat movie star.

What do you think?

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