Thursday, January 20, 2011

I Got Nothing

I have absolutely nothing of interest to blog about today. Out of ideas. The well has run dry. Nothing remotely entertaining, informative or delightful to share. I'm boring. I will just give you the cliff notes of the goings on around here.

I am still filing. One more stack to go through then I have to figure out how to box up 40 three ring binders and send them to Oakridge Tennessee. That should be fun and expensive.

Chip doesn't feel well. His nose is so completely stuffed and he had a very restless night. I am letting him sleep in this morning. I am sure he will be on the couch for the rest of the day.

Harry has a Biology test today. Biology is his arch Nemesis this grading period.

The cat is meowing loudly for no apparent reason.

I ate some banana cake that Beth baked yesterday and a brookie (brownie cookie) that Peggy baked. My friends need to stop baking immediately.

I haven't been able to run this week because Hubby is out of town. I did need to document here and celebrate the fact that I got up that hill last Friday! It was not easy and when I got to the top I stopped running. Mostly to take off my jacket, gloves, scarf, ear warmers, etc. I was sweating. Once I stopped it was super hard to get going again. The bottom of my calves felt like they were on fire. Lesson learned: Even though it might be cold when you start, you should dress for how you are going to feel after you run to the top of that hill. Maybe if I been able to keep running my calves wouldn't have seized up on me. Missing it and can't wait to get back to it so that is a good sign.

This is so much like a Ten Random Tidbits, but I didn't number them so we will act like it is something completely new and unique.

Moving on...

Can it possibly be January 20th already? Dang!

I had an idea that I would like to be able to display my Christmas Village houses on top of my kitchen cabinets next year. Why I have these ideas I don't know. I wonder how expensive it would be to add a couple of electrical outlets above the cabinets to plug them into. Are any of my six loyal readers familiar at all with the running of electricity? I know my mom and dad are not, so how about you other four? Hmmm, wonder if there is an Ask Electrician website? I bet there is. I am going to find it and ask.

My apologies for this boring, awful, uncohesive, rambling, terrible excuse for a post. I give bloggers everywhere a bad rap.

What kind of title can I possibly come up with for this post? I got nothing.

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