Thursday, January 6, 2011

Our Welcome Home

When we returned from Alabama, after 13 and 1/2 long hours on the road, we found a couple of surprises in our front yard.

First, our front yard tree was adorned with beautiful Christmas lights. When we left Texas it did not have Christmas lights.

We also found this happy face snowman, lit up and smiling as we made our way to the front door. He also, was not here when we left. What a happy little surprise, but who put him there?

Well, what do you know? The same folks who "Horned" our house during last year's Christmas break struck again! This time with a nicer twist.

In fact, much nicer. They also left this yummy, yummy treat for us! Wasn't that sweet?

Are you wondering about the little bride and groom on the cookie? Let me explain.

We have gone many times to the Brown Santa facility with the V family to wrap presents for the less fortunate. One time, while there in late November they were holding a little silent auction with random things you could bid on. There were some pretty wacky things to bid on including this African American Mini Barbie Bride and Groom Cake Topper set.

Unbeknownst to us, they put down a $2 bid with our name on it.

A few weeks later, Hubby gets a call on his cell phone from the folks at Brown Santa telling him that he has won something at the silent auction and he needs to come pick it up. He doesn't remember bidding on anything so he asks them what it is? Cake toppers they reply.

He calls me and says "Did you bid on cake toppers at Brown Santa?" I had no recollection of even seeing cake toppers. He pauses for just a split second and says "I bet that dang (maybe didn't use that word exactly) UJ and Peggy bid on something for us. I am going to pick it up."

When he came home, he had not just one set of cake toppers, but THREE sets of cake toppers. The folks at Brown Santa said the toppers had been in the auction for three years and had never been bid on so they were giving him all three. He explained what trick had been played on him to the little ladies working at Brown Santa and they thought it was hysterical. They said he didn't have to take them if he didn't want to, but he said "Oh no, I will happily take them. They are going to be wrapped up as a Christmas gift for some really nice friends of mine."

So we did.

We wrapped them up in a beautiful box and left it on our dining room table for the V family. See, they take care of our stupid cat when we are out of town so we knew they would find it.

We left town on Wednesday and they called on Wednesday night, laughing like hyenas. They had forgotten about bidding on the little cake toppers until they pulled the first one out of the box. Just cracked up when they pulled three out of the box.

Of course, they gave all three of them back to us. Two on the cookie and the other four in various locations around the house.

Now we have to figure out how to sneak these six little jewels back over to their house!

Definitely more good times to come in 2011!

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