Monday, January 10, 2011

Reporting in...

Damn internet has been down AGAIN. My best friend Donnie with Time Warner Cable was back out again today. He got it working, but within minutes of him pulling out of the driveway it was out again. The Senior Tech Ops Field Supervisor has now been called in and he has been working outside in the cul-de-sac for well over an hour. Not looking promising as night falls that it will be fixed today. I am going to type quick and hope I can catch it on one of the twenty second access periods I get to the internet.

BIG NEWS: I ran two miles without stopping this morning. In fact, I probably ran about 2.7 of my total 3.5 route. Totally jazzed about that. On Wednesday, I am going to try to do the whole enchilada. I think I can do it. It is going to be a balmy 26 degrees or something on Wednesday morning. I hope the cold doesn't screw me up too much.

Outside of my exercise accomplishment, I don't have much to report.

We had a pretty quiet weekend. Walked 7.2 miles with Connie on Saturday morning. Later in the afternoon, Chip had his first basketball game of the season. He is playing in a new league that is full court, calling fouls, substituting, so it is the real deal. He was sucking wind and sweating like a full grown adult male, but he rocked it. He scored two goals, had several rebounds and even a steal or two. Camera battery was dead as we walked out the door so I didn't get any pictures, but next week for sure.

Rainy, cold day on Sunday so outside of a quick trip to the grocery store I was home all day. Made a big pot of Pasta Fagiola which was exceptionally delicious.

Today, with the internet down I have been very productive finishing up the last of my new year cleaning, purging and organizing. Went through both the boy’s closets and culled out the stuff that was too small or not being worn any more. I also tackled the upstairs linen closet which was a total disaster area. I threw out worn towels, itchy pillow cases and sheets that were twenty years old and threadbare. Then I put all the good sheet sets together, put them on the shelves by size and it looks so much better. Bonus…I have three more big bags of stuff heading out of this house and over to Goodwill! Love that!

Must get some work done while the internet is up and running…will fill you in later on my dog outsmarting the new leash contraption, the blizzard in Bama and the frustration I have had researching a new mattress.

Anyone out there love their mattress??

Anyone out there at all??

*tap, tap, tap* - Is this thing on??

Never mind, with my stupid internet I probably won’t be able to read your messages anyway.

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  1. After our disasterous attempt at a sleep number bed, we returned it! I could sleep standing up but could not find my "sleep number" and couldn't sleep in the bed. We have settled on a Fluffo mattress - made here locally. I love it!